Access and Enrollment 


The Office of Access and Enrollment is dedicated to:


  • Equity: Ensuring that all students have equal access to the programs and services available
  • Service: Meeting needs and exceeding expectations of all stakeholders through efficiency, expertise, courtesy and accountability



Access and Enrollment provides leadership for the development of a framework designed to ensure equity of access for all students by:


  • Managing the student assignment application, testing, selection and notification process for the District's Options for Knowledge schools and programs (elementary and high school magnet schools and magnet programs, open enrollment schools, Selective Enrollment Elementary Schools, and Selective Enrollment High Schools, Military Academies, International Baccalaureate High Schools, and College and Career Academies).
  • Providing information and assistance regarding Options for Knowledge programs and selection procedures to parents, students, and community, as well as schools and Network offices
  • Developing, redesigning, and refining policies and procedures that expand choices and ensure the continuity of equitable access for all students.


Current initiatives

Access and Enrollment is focusing on ensuring equity of access and providing an optimal application experience by:


  • Providing additional opportunities to fill available spaces at schools and accommodate students who were not selected during the regular application period.
  • Providing information to parents regarding educational opportunities at high-performing schools with available space.
  • Increasing access to the three Regional Gifted Centers designed for English Language Learners.
  • Providing an annual appeals process for parents and guardians who believe that an error occurred in the processing of their child's application to a magnet school or program, or a selective enrollment school or program.



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