Grants Management and Administration 


The Office of Grants Management and Administration provides technical assistance and leadership in relation to programs and plans funded and/or mandated by governmental agencies so that student achievement will increase and requirements for funding guidelines are met. To that end, GMA is responsible for preparing, submitting, implementing, evaluating, and reporting over $1.8 billion in federal and state supplemental grant funded programs.


In carrying out these responsibilities, GMA provides functional guidance to various departments, schools, and stakeholder groups relating to multiple federal legislations including No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act (Perkins), McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act, Headstart Early Childhood Education Act, Supplemental General State Aid (SGSA), and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).


The overarching goal of the Office of Grants Management and Administration is to maximize the utilization of grant funds aligned to CPS priorities and minimize financial risks associated with non-compliance of grant requirements. This will be accomplished in the following manner:

  • Financial Impact: Increase accuracy of information by collecting, analyzing, and adjusting information accordingly to maximize use of funds.
  • Process Improvement: Increase timeliness of information by reviewing and adjusting current practices, procedures, and processes.
  • Staff Development: Increase knowledge in funding agency legislation, regulations, and CPS processes and systems.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Strengthen customer relationships by understanding client needs and customizing services to address those needs.

Current Initiatives

The Office of Grants Management and Administration is comprised of five distinct groups. These include (1) Fiscal Services, (2) Claims, (3) Compliance Services, (4) Private School Programs, and (5) Special Projects. Collectively, these groups service all 655 Chicago Public Schools and Charters, 250 Private Schools, and 7 Homes for Neglected Children. The following are major initiatives to be implemented this year by group:

  • Fiscal Services: Develop and implement professional development workshops for new and returning grant administrators
  • Claims: Develop procedures and internal controls documents for the review, analysis and reporting of federal and state grant expenditures
  • Compliance Services: Integrate various school based and departmental compliance monitoring functions into a consolidated monitoring visit
  • Private School Programs: Develop and implement a program evaluation study that focuses on student achievement, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction.
  • Special Projects: Develop policy recommendations associated with the review and analysis of grant funded expenditures associated with the PCard Program.


Various accomplishments were achieved that, collectively, were instrumental in empowering decision-making at the department and school level and strengthening the organization's financial health. These include:

  • Fiscal Services: Improved the efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy of financial information for effective decision-making in support of departmental initiatives. Held grant roundtable discussions with grant administrators to provide updates and identify potential issues. 
  • Claims: Maximized grant revenues and minimized unreimbursable expenses. Completed on schedule the reconciliation and grant accruals for all state, federal, and local grants to ensure the accuracies of reporting for the year-end closing process.
  • Compliance Services: Conducted 487 school level monitoring visits to verify enrolment, program capacity, and to ensure funding agency compliance requirements were met. Completed federal funds sub-recipient monitoring activities for 117 vendors and 27 charter schools.
  • Private School Programs: Implemented various new processes to ensure the provision of services to private school staff and students were timely and met federal grant requirements. A professional development committee consisting of analysts, teachers, and administrators was created to develop and execute training opportunities to CPS teachers that provide services to private school students
  • Special Projects: Coordinated the preparation and review of federal grant funded programs in advance of the US Department of Education Monitoring Visit. Developed and implemented procedures for the review of  over 1000 PCard transactions to verify compliance with grant and CPS reporting requirements.


Th following documents contain basic information on various federal and state grants and are available to assist in the development, implementation, and compliance of grant funded programs. They are meant to be used as a ready reference for school administrators, teachers, and the public. They are not intended as a comprehensive source of information on the rules and regulations which govern the use of federal and state supplemental funds.

  • Reference Manual for Local School Programs: SGSA and NCLB Title I
  • Description of Program and Account Numbers for Use in Budgeting SGSA and NCLB Title I Local School Funds
  • SGSA and NCLB Title I Combined Cross Validation Grid
  • Reference Manual for Charter Schools: SGSA and NCLB Title I
  • Charter School SGSA and NCLB Title I Program Design
  • Chicago Public Schools Title I Program Services for Private School Students
  • NCLB Title II, III, IV, and V Manual for Services to Private Schools

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