Draft Guidelines for 2014-2015 

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Every year, CPS creates The CEO's Guidelines for School Actions (Guidelines). Any school action (Co-location, Reassignment Boundary Change) that the CEO proposes must meet the criteria set out in the Guidelines. Actions must be announced by December 1st, 2014. CPS released DRAFT Guidelines on October 1st and will collect feedback until October 22nd. Those guidelines can be found below:

 DRAFT Guidelines

Before CPS may reassign students via a boundary change or co-locate a school, the public has the opportunity to provide comment at hearings conducted by independent hearing officers, who are licensed attorneys in Illinois. After the hearings, hearing officers will issue a written summary of the testimony provided as well as their findings of CPS' compliance with 105 ILCS 5/34-230, the state law that governs school action processes, to CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett.

 List of Hearing Officers

The process for developing guidelines in 2014 is as follows:

Before October 1st:

CPS develops a DRAFT version of the Guidelines.

By October 1st:

CPS publicly releases the DRAFT Guidelines.

October 2nd - 22nd:

CPS collects public feedback about the DRAFT Guidelines.

October 23rd - November 1st*:

CPS evaluates the submitted feedback and releases a new DRAFT of the guidelines if necessary. If no changes are made, CPS will release the FINAL Guidelines.

October 31st:

CPS releases the list of independent hearing officers.

November 5th - 25th:

If a new version of the DRAFT Guidelines is released, CPS will collect public feedback about the new DRAFT Guidelines during this period.

November 26th:

CPS releases revised and FINAL Guidelines informed by public feedback.

By December 1st:

CPS announces school actions if necessary

How can you deliver feedback to CPS regarding the 2014-15 Draft Guidelines?

  • Mail or deliver feedback to:
    Attn: CEO's Office
    ℅ Patrick Payne re: 2014-15 Draft Guidelines
    125 S. Clark St.
    4th Floor - Adams Side
    Chicago, IL 60603

  • Web Survey: Please complete the web survey located here:

  • Email: You can email any statements or exhibits to CEOGuidelines@cps.edu


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