Facility Standards 

On August 22, 2011, Governor Quinn signed Public Act 097-0474, amending the Illinois School Code by adding requirements related to School Action and Facility Master Planning. Public Act 097-0474 requires that the Chicago Public Schools ("CPS"):

  1. Publish space utilization and facility performance standards;
  2. Produce plans for capital improvement (May 2, 2012) and a ten year education master facility plan (January 1, 2013);
  3. Ensure that information regarding capital expenditures and leases are accessible to the public

This website and its links will house information related to all CPS' Facilities.

Space Utilization Standards

Chicago Public Schools has produced a Space Utilization report that includes the utilization rate and enrollment data for each school. This report can be viewed below.

2017-18 School Utilization and Enrollment Data *
2017-18 Capacity Utilization methodology described (re-posted on 01/24/2018 with title and original date of publication)

*As required by law, the space utilization report details school buildings operated by CPS and therefore does not include charter schools operated in their own building, as well as alternative schools.

Facility Performance Standards

Chicago Public Schools facilities are critical to support educational function and student safety. The District has developed Facility Performance Standards to provide guidance for future renovations and new construction projects. This document utilizes the expertise of both architects and engineers in the various components of school design, maintenance, operation and usage. The District’s Facility Performance Standards are below:

Facility Performance Standards

Heat Protocol Standards

Heat Emergency Protocol

Educational Facilities Master Plan

Development of an Educational Facilities Master Plan is a requirement of Public Act 097-0474.

The purpose of the draft version of the plan was to encourage additional partnership between CPS, communities, and City of Chicago sister agencies in developing the final plan. Feedback on this draft can be submitted at the email address below.

CPS Educational Facilities Master Plan (Preliminary Draft)
CPS Educational Facilities Master Plan Community Meetings

Feedback on the Educational Facilities Master Plan can be sent to: FacilitiesPlan@cps.edu

Property Owned and Leased by the Board

A list of properties owned and leased by the District is now available via a searchable database that includes address, property name, Zip code, own/lease categorization, and copy of leases where applicable.

Properties Owned and Leased by the Chicago Board of Education Database

Capital Needs Review Process

CPS will assess the capital needs of its facilities through:

  1. A Self-Assessment form completed by school administrators and
  2. A detailed biennial assessment of each facility operated by the district

This two-step process will allow CPS to better understand the conditions of every school throughout the district, assist with developing capital improvement plans, and a ten-year education master facility plan and, most importantly, allow CPS to prioritize projects to ensure that the schools with critical needs are addressed in a timely manner.

Understanding CPS' Capital Needs Review Process
Biennial Facility Assessments: Frequently Asked Questions
CPS Guide to Biennial Facility Assessments
Self-Assessment Form - Sample

School Actions

Earlier in 2011, CPS released the process for school actions which was also required as part of Public Act 097-0474. That information can be found on the CPS Quality Schools page.

Creating a Quality Education for Every Child in Every Community


Instructions: to view an individual school plan, enter the school name in the search box below. Then, select your school from the list on the page. From the school profile page, scroll down to find a link to the Educational Facilities Master Plan for your school.

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