Office of Faith Based Initiatives (OFBI)

The Office of Faith Based Initiatives (OFBI), under the leadership of Rev. Renaldo Kyles, is committed to bridging the gap between CPS and Chicago’s faith based communities. Our mission is to establish effective partnerships with faith based institutions city-wide. We understand the role of faith based leaders as valuable resources, and know that these partnerships actively engage the community and contribute to the success of our students and schools.  OFBI has several programmatic branches: Safe Haven (more details below), Crisis Training, The Church Adopt-a-School, and Capacity Building Training.

Safe Haven

The Safe Haven program provides a reliable, no-cost alternative for students and parents during breaks from school. It seeks to engage students in workshops that focus on positive conflict resolution, anger management, anti-bullying, and anti-violence practices.

Safe Haven Sites

South Side Churches

South Side Churches Pastor Address Zip Church Phone Contact Person
Abundance of Blessings Pastor Clarence Brown 1326 W. 63rd. St. 60636 773-977-6733 Latasha Brown
Allen Metropolotan CME Church Pastor David Bryant 10946 S. Lowe St. 60628 773-568-1200 Rev. Ivy Scott
Baptist Chruch Without a Spot or Wrinkle Pastor David Mc Cloud 9322 S. Halsted 60620 773-779-9707 Pastor David McCloud
Chicago Embassy Pastor Edward Peacher 5848 S. Princeton 60621 773-684-0444 Denise Brown
Christ Universal Temple Pastor Derrick Wells 11901 S. Ashland 60643 773-568-2282 Crystal Crockett
Faith UMC Rev. Audria Nanabray 335 W. 75th St. 60620 773-936-2693 lynda Gathing
First Holy Zion Bishop Jordan 6110 S. Ashland 60636 773-678-8491 Tabitha Jackson
Holy Trinity Pastor Anthony O'Neal 5416 S. Calumet 60615 708-724-4314 Stephanie Upshaw
King's Dominion Church Pastor Chris Wetherspoon 11625 S. Ashland 60643 708-257-7119 Dandra Wetherspoon
Liberty Baptist Pastor Darrell Jackson 4851 S. King Drive 60615 773-268-6757 Jill Thompson
Loving Spirit Pastor Robinson 424 W. 103rd. St. 60628 708-990-5885 Akiba Smith
Maple Park UMC Rev. Robert Biekman 11705 S. Elizabeth 60643 773-960-3683 Carla Williams
New Day Ministries Pastor Greg Austin 351 E. 113th St. 60608 773-840-3074 Pastor Greg Austin
New Eclipse Pastor Zebediah White 715 W. 51st 60609 773-592-2533 Pam Butts
New Vision of Victory Pastor Kevin Cunningham 7414 S. Cottage Grove 60619 773-671-2463 Deidra Cunningham
Nu Grace Nu Mercy Pastor Antoinette Willis 7783 S. Exchange Ave. 60649 773-382-1723 Manuel Gonzalez
True Light Rev. LaRue Kidd 7300 S. Maryland 60619 312-320-4925 Cassandra Kidd
Yahweh Ministries Pastor Jessie Williams 5413 S. Halsted St. 60609 708-299-7443 Marilyn Williams

West Side Churches

West Side Churches Pastor Address Zip Church Phone Contact Person
Christian Love Pastor Nelson 531 N. Spaulding 60624 773-638-3700 Kimberly Blaney
City of David Pastor Tyree Beard 5624 W. Division 60651 773-245-3105 Lindetta Harris
Greater Holy Temple Pastor Lamont Lennox 246 N. California 60612 773-722-9430 Joyce Walker
Home of Life Pastor Johnny Henderson 4650 W. Madison 60644 773-626-8654 Delores Sheppard
Jesus Word Center Pastor Mattie Phillips 4224 W. 13th St. 60623 773-407-1391 Anna Mason
Lively Stone Pastor Contrell Jenkins 4938 W. Chicago Ave. 60651 773-491-9190 Priscilla Young
Mandell UMC Pastor Amos Oladipo 5000 W. Congress 60644 708-297-6718 Keleigh Green-Patton
New Home Baptist Church Rev. McCullough 4804 W Polk St. 60644 773-378-2235 Pecola Parker
New Macedonia Pastor Moore 4244 W. Madison 60624 773-419-5142 Lille Ford
New Mission Pastor Purkett 4700 W. Polk 60644 773-848-6140 Gita Purkett
Penson Temple Pastor Kurt Swann 8608 S. Summit 60620 773-651-8229 Pastor Kurt Swann
Purpose Church Chicago Pastor LeAundre Hill 4416 W. Gladys 60624 773-354-1758 Melba Rowry
Rhema Word Church Pastor Virgil Brackett 5460 W. Ohio 60644 773-921-2658
Mildred Brackett Felicia Owens
St. Mark Pastor Andre Thurmon 832 N. Leclaire 60651 312-259-9077 Lucresia Wooten
St. Paul Deliverance Center Pastor Liddell 1454 S. Kolin 60623 773-577-4742  
St. Stephen Pastor Bailey 3042 W. Washington 60612 773-673-8007 Kimberly Douglas
Stone Temple Bishop Fitzpatrick 3622 W. Douglass St. 60623 773-762-0900 Rebecca Morris
Sunshine Baptist Church Pastor Derek Jones 3660 Roosevelt Rd. 60624 708-906-9191  
Sweet Relief Bishop Stevenson 4247 W. Division St. 60651 773-552-0259 Linn C. Williams
Tiberia Baptist Church Pastor Johnny Perkins 3906 W. Roosevelt 60624 773-261-6893 Kajaria Johnson
Union Star Baptist Church Pastor Brooks 3925 W. Chicago. Ave 60651 773-307-7828 Dorthy Berdin
Universal MBC Pastor Larry Mcclinton 535 N. Cicero 60644 773-287-7128 Michele Akins

Latino/North Churches

Latino/North Churches Pastor Address Zip Church Phone Contact Person
Bethany El Buen Pastor Jenny Moller 3900 N. Albany 60618 773-509-1466 Jenny Moller
Casa de Santidad Pastor Alvarez 5300 S. Maplewood Ave 60632 773-255-8591 Pilar Alvarado
Elston UMC Pastor Kardon 5850 N. Elston Ave 60647 773-775-3399 Dave Carr
Emmanuel UMC Jesus Molina 4256 N. Ridgeway Ave 60618 630-670-3535
Jesus Molina
Humboldt Park UMC Paula Cripps-Vallejo 2120 N. Mozart St 60647 773-342-0441 Paula Cripps
Iglesia Manantial Hector Delgado 4300 S. California 60632 773-704-9291 Hector Delgado
New Life Rogers Park Robert Rand 1543 W. Howard St. 60626 708-362-9885 Rick Redman
New Vision Community Church Josue Velazquez 2552 W 21st St 60608 708-228-0024 Josue Velazques
Park Community Church Adrain Segura 2613 N. Mango Ave 60639 847-953-5739  
St. Matthew UMC Revel Talapian 1000 N. Orleans St 60610 312-337-7111 Revel Talapian
Upper Room Secundino Mendoza 1357 N. California 60622 847-630-7276 Secundino Mendoza
West Ridge UMC Revel Talapian 2301 W Lunt Ave 60645 312-337-7111 Revel Talapian

Family and Community Engagement
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