Churches Citywide to Serve CPS Students in Safe Haven, Safe Summer Program 

Partnership between Chicago Public Schools and faith-based community aimed at providing children with a safe and active environment during the summer


June 13, 2012 


Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard joined members of Chicago’s faith community in announcing the “Safe Haven, Safe Summer” program, a partnership between Chicago Public Schools and churches throughout the city. Safe Haven, Safe Summer will provide an estimated 2,000 young people with various programs and activities following the end of the regular school year this Friday. The program launches Monday, June 25. 


“Safe Haven, Safe Summer is an important partnership between CPS and our faith-based leaders that works to keep our children safe over the summer,” said CEO Brizard. “It gives me and our CPS parents peace of mind to know that our students have a caring environment filled with engaging activities – both creative and educational – while they are out of school.”


Sixty churches have been invited this year to partner with CPS under the Safe Haven, Safe Summer initiative, which will run from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. weekdays from June 25 until August 3. Churches and other faith-based organizations will be running the programs throughout Chicago this summer. Registration has started and the program is free to all CPS students. 


“The Safe Haven program has been a safety mechanism for the children, as well as an educational opportunity,” said Pastor Johnny Miller of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church. “The program not only provides an opportunity for conflict resolution, a space to solve potential problems before they evolve, but it has also allowed children to continue their education while school is out during the holiday break.”


Safe Haven was established during the winter school break in December 2009, with 24 churches serving about 500 young people between the ages of five and 17.


Students can sign up through each individual church. Churches have adopted specific schools and sent fliers out within their neighborhoods to help promote participation.


While each program is different, churches will provide a variety of services to children including healthy meals in partnership with Catholic Charities, engaging activities, reading programs, tutoring and performing arts through the entire day.  Each church program also will provide a daily workshop focusing on anger management, conflict resolution, and anti-bullying. College graduates and mentors from the church communities will be available to the students for guidance.


See a list of participating churches below or here.


Latino Group Administrator - Pastor Robert Belfort




Church Name



Contact #

Assembly Of Faith

1222 W. 108th

Pastor Andre Gross

(773) 407-1736

Brickyard Bible

6334 W. Diversey

Pastor Caleb Smith

(708) 377-8386

Christian Fellowship Flock

10724 S. Ewing

Pastor Freddie Caraballo

(773) 721-3095

El Buen Pastor

2159 W. Cullerton

Pastor Gabriel Hernanez

(219) 713-4344

Grace And Peace

2100 N. Kildare

Pastor John Zayas

(773) 397-2280

Iglesia Evangelica Emanuel

5018 W Armitage

Pastor Antonio Mariscal

(773) 237-1645

Iglesia Cristiana Manantial

4300 S. California

Pastor Hector Delgado

(773) 308-4416


3542 W. 59th

Pastor Ryan Johnson

(773) 436-8550

Mision Cristiana Elim

1615 W. Morse

Pastor Oscar Arevalo

(773) 764-5801

Mision Cristiana Familiar

1905 W. Schiller

Pastor Zilfredo Gonzalez

(773) 252-1702

New Dimension

6115 W. Fullerton

Pastor Arturo Santana

(773) 663-9037

New Life C.C. H.P.

1410 N. Springfield

Pastor Freddy Cruz

(773) 616-0559

New Life Covenant

2704 W. North

Pastor Wilfredo De Jesus

(773) 384-7113

New Life Pilsen

2512 S. Oakley

Pastor Robert Belfort

(773) 712-9031


2435 West Division

Pastor Freddy Santiago

(773) 772-1141


2500 N. Talman

 Pastor Lou Ramos

(773) 851-7021

Temple Of God Shalom Rehoboth

1400 Ridgeway

Pastor Ernesto Betancourt

(773) 276-1990

Urban Vineyard

2145 N. Maplewood

Pastor Ray Maldonado

(773) 276-7286



West Side  Group Administrator - Pastor

Andre Thurmon




Church Name



Contact #

All Nations

1525 S. Pulaski

Pastor Andre Fluker

(773) 512-9295

Alliance for Community Peace

509 W. Elm

Pastor Phyllis Harrell

(708) 351-2862

Brotherly Love

3801 West Cermak

Pastor David Pope

(773) 762-1983

Corinthian Temple

4520 W. Washington

Pastor Whittley

(773) 921-0339

God Cares For You

3852 W. 63rd

Apostle Beverly London

(773) 765-9639

Grace Memorial MBC

1457 S. Kenneth

Pastor Marvin Hunter

(773) 441-8018

Greater St. John Bible Church

1256 N. Waller

Pastor Ira Acree

(773) 378-3300

Mt. Vernon

2622 W. Jackson

Pastor Johnny Miller

(773) 638-7720

New Ebenezer

3555 W. Huron

Pastor Leon Miller

(773) 552-3424

New Landmark

2700 W. Wilcox

Pastor Cy Fields

(773) 722-7555

New Mission COGIC

4700 W. Polk

Pastor Herbert Purkett

(773) 848-6140

New Mt. Pilgrim

4301 W. Washington

Pastor Marshall Hatch

(773) 287-5051

Original Mt. Pleasant

6614 S. Blackstone

Bishop Errol Redwell

(773) 955-3172

Peaceful New Beginnings Church

345 S. Cicero

Pastor Derrick McCollum

(773) 626-2114

St. Mark

832 N. Le Claire

Pastor Andre Thurmon

(708) 473-0352

St. Rest M.B. Church

5920 W. North

Pastor Terrance Keys

(773) 569-5397

Stone Temple

3662 W. Douglass

Bishop Derrick Fitzpatrick

(773) 762-0013

Sunshine M.B.C.

3660 W. Roosevelt

Pastor Derrick Jones

(708) 906-9191

Truth & Deliverance

3 S. Laramie

Pastor Abercrombie

(708) 299-2226

Truth & Life Ministries

4146 W. Chicago 

Pastor Cathy Palmer

(773) 395-6823



South Side Group Administrator - Pastor Robert Belfort




Church Name



Contact #

Bethlehem Star M.B. Church

9231 S. Cottage Grove

Pastor Roosevelt Watkins

(773) 487-8441

Bright Star C.O.G.I.C.

735 E. 44th

Pastor Christopher Harris

(773) 373-5220

Christ Apostolic Church

8159 S. Exchange

Pastor Joshua Oweowye

(773) 721-2119

Come Alive Ministries

2206 E. 73rd

Pastor Marrion Johnson

(773) 704-7218

Deliverance Christian Center

7737 S. Kedzie

Tauro Jenkins

(773) 633-0448

Faith Temple

6201 S. Wolcott

Pastor Marcus Watkins

(773) 776-2984

Fellowship M.B. Church

4543 S. Princeton

Pastor Charles Jenkins

(773) 924-3232

First Paradise

6763 S. Cottage Grove

Pastor Albert Simmons

(773) 643-4305

Greater Morning View

2335 W. 100th

Bishop Tyrone Harrington

(773) 978-4482

Holy Trinity

5416 S. Calumet

Pastor Anthony O'Neil

(708) 724-4314

Hope Presbyterian

1354 W. 61st

Pastor Leslie Sanders

(773) 737-8394

New Cannaland M.B. Church

5957 S. Peoria

Pastor Pervis Thomas

(312) 479-4392

New Memorial M.B. Church

6844 S. Indiana  

Pastor Roosevelt Walker

(773) 858-9671

New Spiritual Light

7566 S. South Shore

Pastor Walter Turner

(773) 734-5483

Powerhouse International Ministries

9316 S. Baltimore

Pastor Antonio Rocquemore

(773) 768-7600

Promise Center

649 W. 117th

Bishop Troy Garner

(708) 201-9088

Purpose Over Pain

58 E. 48th

Mr. Carl Hubbard

(312) 714-8924

Sheldon Heights

11355 S. Halsted

Pastor Leonardo Gilbert

(773) 568-2929

St. James Industrial

8539 S. Racine

Pastor Warner Pitts

(773) 723-8242

The Way of Truth Church Baptist

6458 S. California

Bishop Daniel Lee

(773) 925-9351

True Light Baptist Church

7302 S. Maryland

Pastor LaRue Kidd

(773) 789-7237

Victory Cathedral

10441 S. Racine

Pastor Princella Brady Lee

(773) 783-9418


West Point MBC

3566 S. Cottage Grove

Pastor Bernard Jakes

(773) 538-7590