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Children and Family Benefits

CPS Children and Family Benefits Unit (CBFU) connects CPS families to public benefits such as SNAP (food stamps) and free and low cost health insurance. Along with application assistance, provided by community partners, CBFU also helps families renew and manage their public benefits cases by ensuring that applications are successfully completed and submitted to the Illinois Department of Human Services.


SNAP (Food Stamps)

Provides a resource to ensure that families have regular access to healthy foods.

Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance (Medicaid / All Kids)

Provides comprehensive healthcare that includes doctor's visits, hospital stays, emergency room care, prescription drugs, asthma inhalers, vision exams and eye glasses, hearing aids, immunizations and dental care.

Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance (Medicaid)

Need help with your health insurance application or finding local medical provider? Enter your zip code below to find appointments with local application assisters.

SNAP (Food Stamps)

Through partnerships with agencies like the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD), the DCFB educates families about their potential eligibility for SNAP and health insurance, while assisting them with the initial enrollment.

    • To apply, call the Greater Chicago Food Depository at 773-843-5416, or complete the enrollment form on their website

    • You also have the option to apply on your own with the Illinois Department of Human Services . In our Other Resources tab you will find links to finding an office closest to you and IDHS’ online Public Benefits application, also known as ABE.

Why Should You Apply? CPS understands that if children are hungry or miss school because of health related issues, they will be less likely to succeed academically. Having health insurance and adequate food at home helps to ensure that children have a healthy start. SNAP can increase a family's income by up to 30% a year. Additionally, for every $5 spent using SNAP benefits, approximately $9.20 is generated in the local economy. Families, students, communities and schools can all benefit from these programs.

Frequently Asked Questions


  SNAP Medicaid All Kids
Household Size Max Allotment Maximum Gross Monthly Income
Limit before Taxes/Deductions
Maximum Gross Monthly Income
Limit before Taxes/Deductions
Gross Monthly Income Limit
before Taxes/Deductions
1 $194 $1619 $1,455 $1,555- $3,148
2 $357 $2191 $1,962 $2,097 - $4,245
3 $511 $2763 $2,470 $2,639 - $5,342
4 $649 $3335 $2,977 $3,180 - $6,440
5 $771 $3907 $3,484 $3,722 - $7,537
6 $925 $4479 $3,991 $4,264 - $8,634
A. Yes! Employment does not affect your eligibility for benefits. Employment may affect the amount and types of benefits you receive. View income guidelines above for more information.

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