Student resources: Library databases 

All CPS students should take full advantage of the online resources provided by our libraries. While doing searches on Google or Yahoo does result in an abundance of information, students should be cautious of the fact that the information provided may not always be 100% accurate.


Our library databases offer students an authoritative source of information that is relevant, accurate, and available 24/7. 

Students should contact their school librarian for their username and password. If the school requires assistance with passwords or access, they can contact the Department of Libraries at (773) 553-6210.

Student Resource Center – Gold Opens in a new window icon
This fully integrated database contains thousands of curriculum-targeted primary documents, biographies, essays, critical analyses, and full-text coverage of more than 1,000 magazines and newspapers. Also includes more than 20,000 photographs, illustrations, and audio and video clips.

Student Resource Center – Junior Opens in a new window icon
This is the middle school version of the Student Resource Center-Gold database.

Kids InfoBits Opens in a new window icon
The K-5 student website features a visually graphic interface, a topic tree search, and an age-appropriate, curriculum-related magazine, newspaper and reference content. (Elementary only)

Gale Virtual Reference Library Opens in a new window icon
Multi-volume reference sets on Africa, the Civil War, the American Revolution, World War I, World War II, the Harlem Renaissance, and other topics.

Student Resource Center – Health Module Opens in a new window icon
More than 1,400 essays on medical and health-related topics are highlighted. It includes diseases, treatments, and figures in the fields of science and health. It also features full-text medical and health periodicals, pamphlets, timelines, photographs and diagrams. 

LitFinder Opens in a new window icon
Full-text of 126,500 poems, 5,000 short stories, 2,800 essays, 1,800 speeches, and 1,000 plays.

ABC CLIO Opens in a new window icon
Reference resources for social studies, history, geography, and current events are included. The reference resource also highlights essays, biographies, maps, images, eBooks, primary documents, and activities.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online Opens in a new window icon
This database has millions of articles on as many topics. You can select the appropriate grade level. Also includes a Spanish version

CGLC FirstSearch Opens in a new window icon
This site features professional and educational magazine and journal articles, including ERIC, WorldCat, Article-First, and WilsonSelect.

Maps101 Opens in a new window icon
More than 4,000 maps, handouts, quizzes, and games are featured.

NewsBank Opens in a new window icon
Access the Chicago Tribune Historical Archive (1845 to 1984), the Chicago Tribune (1985 to present), and the Chicago Sun-Times (1986 to present).  Please note: You'll need to ask your teacher or librarian for the username and password. Opens in a new window icon
Original, in-studio movies of authors and illustrators and a wealth of multimedia resources on books is provided.

Teen Health & Wellness Opens in a new window icon
Website provides students with curricular support and self-help on a variety of topics.

eCUIP Opens in a new window icon
Reference and reading materials specially created in support of the CPS curriculum.

The History Makers Opens in a new window icon
Free online source for African American biographies, history, timelines, and events.

The Library of Congress Opens in a new window icon
Free online resource for American history. Digital collection includes more than 8 million primary source materials, including historic maps, documents, and audio and video.

Encyclopedia of Chicago Opens in a new window icon
Free, comprehensive reference source of Chicago history.


Oxford African American Studies CenterOpens in a new window icon

A comprehensive collection focused on the lives and events that have shaped our African American history and culture. Access to this site was made possible by a generous donation from Allstate Insurance. (High school only)

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