Summer Programs 

Summer is right around the corner and CPS along with the City of Chicago has a variety of programs for our students.

Virtual Learning Summer Initiative

The CPS Virtual Learning Program provides online courses tuition- free to actively enrolled Chicago Public Schools students. Online courses give students an opportunity to expand course offerings, meet graduation requirements or prepare for high school. CPS students entering 8th-12th grade in the Fall are invited to take online courses over the Summer in one of four programs. Applications for "Be Prepared" and "Do Something Different" will be accepted in May of each school year and can be found here. Summer term will begin in concert with CPS Summer School in june.

Summer Bridge

The Summer Bridge program consists of intensive instruction in reading and mathematics while utilizing an online curriculum. It is designed for students in grades 3, 6, and 8 who do not meet the minimum promotion criteria per Board Policy. At the conclusion of the summer, evaluation criteria are applied and successful students are promoted. To read more about Summer Bridge, continue reading here.

Summer Cool

The Summer Cool program is for students who want to spend their summer engaged in exciting, stimulating, project-based activities with field experiences. To qualify, students in grades 2nd-8th who are not required to attend Summer Bridge may participate. Once the application is available, please submit your completed application to your homeroom teacher. 

Summer Acceleration

This program provides students who did not meet 8th grade promotion criteria and who will be transitioning to 9th grade a second opportunity to earn an 8th grade diploma and to participate in an 8th grade graduation ceremony.

Program Goal: To provide incoming 9th grade students who did not meet 8th grade promotion criteria with the supports they need in order to graduate high school college and career ready.

In order to help prepare students for the transition to high school, the Summer Acceleration program provides supports in the following areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Social Emotional Learning

Elementary School Promotion Policy Overview

Elementary school students who will be 15 years old on or before Sept 1 of the following school year will become 9th grade students the following school year. Students who do not meet 8th grade promotion criteria in June, will be required to attend the Summer Acceleration Program and will become 9th grade students in the fall. Students required to attend the Summer Acceleration Program will be eligible to receive an 8th grade diploma if they successfully meet the program requirements.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PROMOTION POLICY (Section: 605.2, Board Report: 09-1028-PO2) Policy Overview

High School Credit Recovery

There are a number of reasons why a student may find themselves “off-track” with less credits than they should have at any given point in their high school career. Chicago Public Schools Offers several programs and supports that provide students the opportunity to recover credits. One such opportunity is the High School Credit Recovery program where students can retake a class they have previously failed.  Classes are offered in the evening and Saturdays during the school year and during the day in the summer.

For updated information on the current session of Credit Recovery including hosting sites, course offerings, and class times and dates, please visit the Choose Your Future Credit Recovery page found here.

Safe Haven, Safe Summer

The 2011 Safe Haven, Safe Summer program is a partnership between CPS and the faith-based community which builds on strategies aimed at providing children with a safe and active environment during the summer. Each program is different, and churches will provide a variety of services to children including healthy meals, engaging activities, reading programs, tutoring and performing arts through the entire day. College graduates and mentors from the church communities will be available to the students for guidance. Students can sign up through each individual church.

Chicago Park District Summer Camps

Have you registered your child for summer day camp? At local Chicago parks, children ages 6-12 can enjoy safe, fun recreational activities such as arts and crafts, sports, field trips, water fun and more.

Register in-person at your local park (beginning April 9) or on-line at the Chicago Park District website . Fees vary depending on the program, but they are always affordable.

Call 312.742.PLAY for more information.

Summer Jobs for Youth

One Summer Chicago (OSC) is an initiative that provides youth with employment and enrichment opportunities during the summer months. OSC offers summer employment to youth between the ages of 14 and 24, as well as a range of enrichment activities for children and youth of all ages, including camps, sports, arts, and recreation programs. Most programs are between 20 and 25 hours per week. Click here for more information.

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