Safe Haven Program 

The Office of Faith Based Initiatives (OFBI), under the leadership of Rev. Renaldo Kyles is committed and dedicated to bridging the gaps between Chicago Public Schools and the faith based communities of Chicago. Our mission is to establish effective partnerships with faith based institutions city-wide. We understand the role of faith-based leaders as valuable resources, and know that these partnerships actively engage the community and contribute towards the success of our students and schools. OFBI has several programmatic branches: Safe Haven (more details below), Crisis Training, The Church Adopt-a-School, and Capacity Building Training.

Safe Haven

The Safe Haven program is housed in the Office of Faith Based Initiatives of Chicago Public Schools and provides a "safe haven" for CPS students that is a reliable and no cost alternative place for students and parents during critical high violence periods in the city. The mission of Safe Haven to eradicate bullying and instill practices to combat youth violence and to engage students in workshops that focus on positive conflict resolutions, anger management, anti-bullying, and anti-violence.

Safe Haven is a partnership between CPS and the Faith Community. There are currently over 120 established partners. The program run in four cycles: Winter Break (December/January); Afterschool (October-April); Spring Break (April); Summer Break (end of June-August). The program serves over 12,000 students annually.

The Office of Faith Based Initiatives is proud to announce the Afterschool Program for 2014-2015. The free program runs from October 14th until April 24th and is Monday-Friday 3:00-6:00 p.m. Students will be provided a free snack and lunch through our partnership with New Life Ministries.

We are also excited to introduce enrichment programs for selective sites that will engage participants in expanding important conversation of anger management and anti-violence music.

Registration is open now. If you would like to register a student, please contact a Safe Haven provider in your area. For a complete list, please refer to the list below.

South Side

Church Pastor Address Zip Church Number
Bright Star Pastor Chris Harris 735 E 44th Street 60653 (773) 373-5220
Colonial Villange Pastor Charles Smith 12814 S. Lowe 60628 (773) 821-5197
Free Spirit Bible Church Pastor Chris Montgomery 1244 E. 79th St. 60619 (312) 890-6904
Gifts of God Pastor St. John Chism 1818 W. 74th Street 60636 (773) 863-0995
Hope Presbyterian Pastor Leslie Sanders 1354 W. 61st Street 60636 (773) 737-8394
King of Glory Pastor Jeffery Hodges 2314 E. 83rd Street 60617 (773) 375-3537
Kingdom Life Ministries Pastor Tim Jones 6605 S. Hamilton 60636 (773) 612-7951
KLEO Center Pastor Torrey Barrett 119 E. Garfield 60637 (773) 363-6941
Liberation Pastor Dukes 7400 S. Michigan 60619 (773) 966-4411
New Cannaland Pastor Pervis Thomas 5957 S. Peoria Street 60621 (773) 723-6816
New Eclipse Pastor White 715 W. 51st 60609 (773) 548-5122
New Memorial M.B. Church Pastor Roosevelt Walker 6844 S. Indiana 60637 (773) 488-6869
New Nazareth MBC Pastor Jarvis Hanson 7933 S. Yates 60617 (773) 731-4747
New Spiritual Light Pastor Walter Turner 7566 S. South Shore Dr. 60649 (773) 374-8373
Nu Grace Nu Mercy Pastor Lennel Willis 7783 S. Exchange 60649 (773) 382-1723
Redemptive Tabernacle Pastor Linford Coleman 9989 S. Beverly 60643 (773) 429-9079
Sheldon Heights Pastor Leonardo Gilbert 11325 S. Halsted 60628 (773) 568-2929
South Shore UMC Rev. Adonna Reid 7350 S. Jeffery Blvd. 60649 (773) 324-4430
St. James Industrial Pastor Warner Pitts 8539 S. Racine 60620 (773) 723-8242
St. Sabina Father Pfleger 7800 S Racine 60620 (773) 483-4333
The Way of Truth Church Baptist Bishop Daniel Lee 6458 S. California 60629 (773) 925-9351
Unity Outreach Center Apostle Clarence Brookins 3065 E. 93rd St. 60617 (312) 612-9082

West Side

Church Pastor Address Zip Church Number
Christ Centered Ministries Pastor Anthony Spencer 1533 W. Drake 60623 (773) 522-5425
Corinthian Temple Pastor David Whittley 4520 W. Washington Blvd 60624 (773) 626-1972
Greater Holy Temple Pastor Lamont Lennox 246 N. California    
Greater Rock Baptist Church Pastor Floyd James 718 S. Indepedence 60624 (773) 722-7701
Greater St. John Rev. Acree 1256 N. Waller Street 60651 (773) 378-3300
Greater True Vine Pastor John Collins 5936 W. Division 60651 (773) 626-3542
Heirs of the Promise Pastor Joseph Kyles 4821 W. Chicago Ave. 60651 773-342-5377
Hope Community Church Pastor Steve Epting 5900 W. Iowa 60651 (773) 921-2243
Lively Stone Pastor Contrell Jenkins 4938 W. Chicago Ave.    
Mt. Vernon Pastor Johnny Miller 2622 W. Jackson Blvd 60612 (773) 826-3064
New Ebenezer Pastor Leon Miller 3555 W. Huron Street    
New Greater True Light Pastor Robert Lockett 5401 W. Chicago Avenue    
New Landmark Pastor Cy Fields 2700 W. Wilcox 60612 (773) 722-7555
New Life Community Pastor Smith      
New Mt. Pilgrim Pastor Marchall Hatch 4301 West Washington Blvd    
New Tiberia Pastor Oscar Crear 911 S. Kedzie    
Peoples Church of the Harvest Pastor Michael Eaddy 3570 W. 5th Avenue 60624 (773) 533-6877
Reachingout Ministries Pastor Lafayette Mcgary 2431 W. Roosevelt Rd.    
Rising Sun Church Pastor Matthew Miller 820 N. Central 60639 773 921-0744
Tiberia Baptist Church Pastor Johnny Perkins 3906 W. Roosevelt    
Truth & Deliverance Pastor Abercrombie 5151 W. Madison Street    


Assembly of Faith Pastor Barbara Gross 1222 W. 108th. Street 60643 773) 779-5901
Bethany El Buen Pastor UMC Pastor Jenny Moller 3900 N. Albany    
Brickyard Bible Pastor Valentine Santiago 6334 W. Diversey 60639 (773) 622-5340
Christian Fellowship Flock Pastor Freddie Caraballo 10724 S. Ewing 60617 773 721-3095
Family Empowerment Center Susan Delano 1533 W. Devon Avenue 60660 (773) 262-0760
First Congregational Church Pastor Jose Rosa 1305 N. Hamlin 60651 (773) 384-8118
Generation to Genearation UMC Pastor Ayla Samson 11731 S. Avenue O 60617 773-729-0522
Grace And Peace Pastora Iliana Zayas 2100 N. Kildare 60639 773) 376-3436
Iglesia Cristiana Manantial de Vida Pastor Hector Delgado 4300 S. California    
Iglesia Evangelica Emmanuel Pastor Tony Mariscal 5016 W. Armitage 60639 773) 237-1645
New Dimensions Pastor Arturo Santana 6115 W. Fullerton    
New Life Centers Pastor Freddy Cruz 1410 N. Springfield 60651 773-384-7113
New Life NW Pastor David Marrero 5100 W. Diversey    
New Life Pilsen Pastor Robert Belfort 2512 S. Oakley 60608 (773) 826-0023
Rebano (CFF North) Pastor Lynette Santiago 2435 W. Division 60622 773) 276-1990
Shalom Pastor Ernesto Betancourt 1400 N. Ridgeway Ave.    
Storehouse Pastor Lou Ramos 2500 N. Talman Ave. 60647 312-642-5696
Upper Room Pastor Secundino Mendoza 1357 N. California    
Urban Vineyard Pastor Eddie Nodal 2145 N. Maplewood 60622 (773) 288-1102

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