Summer Bridge 


The Summer Bridge program consists of intensive instruction in reading and mathematics while utilizing an online curriculum. It is designed for students in grades 3, 6, and 8 who do not meet the minimum elementary promotion criteria per Board Policy 13-1023-RS1. At the conclusion of the summer, evaluation criteria are applied and successful students are promoted.

District Promotion Policy

The document below detail the district's existing promotion policy. Click the image below. For the school Promotion Policy in other languages click here.

Current Policy



  • Enable students to gain promotion to the next grade
  • Eliminate the achievement gap by providing focused and differentiated support to Bridge students
  • Produce achievement test-score gains in Achievement Level 2 students
  • Keep students on track to graduate elementary school and enter high school

Program Benefits

  • Narrow achievement gap
  • Increase student promotion rate
  • Increase achievement test scores

Contact information

Summer Bridge Hotline
42 W. Madison St  3rd Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Phone: (773) 553-4500
Fax: (773) 553-4501

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