Boys and Girls Track/Field 

Track and Field"Runners take your mark. Set. Bang!" Track and Field events are among the oldest of all sporting competitions. The first recorded examples of organized events date back to the Ancient Olympic Games in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece. Today, track & field is the second most popular sport world-wide behind soccer, drawing huge audiences every four years at the modern Olympic Games.

Join the team

Students interested in track/field should contact the Athletic Director at their school. Your school will be able to provide more information about eligibility and team tryouts.

Schedules and calendars

Information provided below is for Varsity Level only. Schedules & Calendars for other levels (Junior Varsity, Sophomore, Freshman) may be obtained from the Athletic Director at each school.


The latest sports news and scores are available online at the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.


For more information contact the Regional Athletic Director for track/field, Thomas Smith at (773) 534-0738.

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