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Driver Education 


The traffic and driver education program develops traffic citizens who will use our highway transportation system in a competent, safe, and responsible manner either as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian. We are dedicated to delivering the individualized instruction necessary to ensure the successful completion of driver education and to equip the student with the defensive driving skills needed to navigate safely.


  • Demonstrate proficiency in four major components: classroom, simulator, driving range, and behind-the-wheel

Program benefits

  • Identify and demonstrate rules and procedures of operating a motor vehicle
  • Identify and demonstrate good conscious choices concerning risk while driving
  • Identify and understand the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance
  • Identify and demonstrate the motor vehicle laws and the rules of the road
  • Identify and demonstrate the safety steps if stopped by a police officer
  • Identify distractions and aggressive drivers
  • Identify and demonstrate the necessary skills needed in driving


List of Driver Education Centers


Center Phone Center Director Address
Amundsen (773) 534-2505 Winston Short 5110 N. Damen
Bogan (773) 535-2192 James Scanlon 3939 W. 79th St.
C.V.C.A (773) 535-6207 Geoffrey Porter 2100 E. 87th St.
Curie (773) 535-2082 LaShonne Henderson 4959 S. Archer
Dunbar (773) 534-9253 James Foreman 3000 S. King Dr.
Englewood (773)535-3865 Russell Stephens 6201 S. Stewart
Farragut (773) 534-0300 Linda Ruiz 2345 S. Christiana
Fenger (773) 535-5652 Steve Yergovich 11220 S. Wallace
Gage Park (773) 535-9237 Richard Lopez 5630 S. Rockwell
Juarez (773) 534-0776 Mark Jenig 2150 S. Laflin St.
Kennedy (773) 535-2083 Stephen Polasek 6400 S. Major
Lane (773) 534-5418 Gene House 2501 W. Addison
Mather (773) 534-2346 Bruce LaForce 5835 N. Lincoln
Morgan Park (773) 535-2805 Kourosh Khani 1744 W. Pryor Ave.
Prosser (773) 534-3216 Craig Folk 2149 N. Long
Roosevelt (773) 534-5013 Martin ElFinger 3436 W. Wilson
Simeon (773) 535-8208 Richard Griffin 8235 S. Vincennes
Taft (773) 534-1015 Mike Hionis 6545 W. Hurlbut
Washington (773) 535-5034 James Archambeau 3535 E. 114th St.
Wells (773) 534-7853 Angel Rivera 936 N. Ashland
Westinghouse (773) 534-6482 Charles Saieva 3301 W. Franklin