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Stats and facts 

Stats and facts provides an overview about the District's number of schools, students, staff and financial information.


Total: 681 (2012-2013)  


Elementary: 472


Charter schools: 96 Campuses



High schools: 106


Contract schools: 7



Information provided by CPS. Last updated August 2012.

Local School Council

Representatives per elected LSC


Parent: 6

Community: 2

Teachers: 2

Non-teaching Staff: 1

Principal: 1

Student: 1 (high school only)





In addition to the standard composition of elected LSCs, the Appointed LSCs of small or alternative schools may have advocates and education experts. Military schools may have a Commandant, JROTC instructor, and Cadet Commander. Not all small or military schools will fill these LSC member positions.


Learn more about Local School CouncilsLast updated August 2012.


Total: 400,545 (2013-2014 20th Day Enrollment)
Student enrollment

Primary Education (PE): 8,591

Preschool: 15,080

Kindergarten: 30,166

Elementary (1-8): 234,679

Secondary (9-12): 112,029

Student racial makeup

African American: 39.7%

Asian: 3.5%

Asian/Pacific Islander (retired): 0.32%

Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.1%

Hispanic: 45.2%

Multi-Racial: 1.1%

Native American/Alaskan: 0.0%

White: 9.2%

Not Available: 0.8%


Information provided by the Office of Accountability. To see detailed reports about these and other measures, click here. Last updated April, 2014.

Additional student information



Income and demographics

Students from low-income families: 87%

Illinois public school students attend CPS: 18.4%


Language proficiency

Limited-English-proficient: 12.2%

Attendance rates

Citywide: 91.4%


Information provided by the Illinois State Board of Education. Last updated September 2011.

Pupil/teacher information



Student/teacher ratio

20.0 pupils per teacher in elementary schools

24.6 pupils per teacher in high school

Salaries (annual average)

Teachers: $74,839

Administrators: $120,659

 Administrative Certificate Compensation Report Opens in a new window


Information provided by the Illinois State Board of Education. Last updated October 2008.


Total: 41,579* (2013-14)


Total positions:

Public schools: 35,092

Non-public schools: 25  

Citywide: 4,904 

Central/regional: 1,558


* A year over year decrease in Public School positions and increase in Citywide positions is primarily attributed to position shifts from schools to citywide for positions within Facility Operations, Transportation and Food Service departments.

Employee Position Roster

Principals total: 545

African-American: 47.5%

Asian: 1.1%

Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.0%

Hispanic: 17.1%

Native American: 0.2%

White: 30.8%

Multi-Racial: 2.0%

Unknown: 1.3%

Racial breakdowns (all staff):

African-American: 33.9%

Asian: 2.7%

Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.1%

Hispanic: 22.8%

Native American: 0.4%

White: 36.6%

Multi-Racial: 1.6%

Unknown: 2.1%

Teachers total: 22,519

African-American: 24.3%

Asian: 3.4%

Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.1%

Hispanic: 18.6%

Native American: 0.4%

White: 49.7%

Multi-Racial: 1.8%

Unknown: 1.8%


Information provided by Talent Office. Last updated October 1, 2013.

Operating budget

Total: $5.11 billion (FY2012)


Budget sources:

Local: $2.273 billion

State: $1.619 billion

Federal sources: $0.977 billion


Appropriated fund balance: $241 million

Operating expense per pupil:

$13,078 (FY2010)


Information provided by Finance. Last updated September 2011.

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