Financial Information

It is our goal to provide financial leadership to the Chicago Board of Education according to government regulations, Board policies and sound financial practices; to maintain the fiscal integrity of the organization; to develop internal and external partnerships; to educate students in a safe and well-rounded environment; and to work with leaders at the federal, state, and local levels to ensure adequate funding and support for educational initiatives.

Chicago Public Schools has focused on improving its financial foundation and funding those activities that will improve the educational achievement of our students.


The Chicago Public Schools Budget Book is the financial and policy plan of the Chicago Public Schools for the fiscal years.

Capital Plan

CPS leadership is committed to redirecting dollars away from the unnecessary and inefficient spending of the past and toward the classroom and student learning.

FY18 Capital Plan

FY17 Capital Plan

FY16 Capital Plan

FY15 Capital Plan

FY14 Capital Plan

FY13 Capital Plan

FY13 Supplemental Capital Budget

Annual Report

The Comprehensive Annual Report and the Popular Annual Report provide the Chicago community with information about the District's financial condition in accordance with all state and federal legislation, governmental regulations and Board policies.

Annual report

Additional Resources

Buying CPS bonds: Information for investors

Chicago Public Schools issues bonds to finance the construction, renovation and expansion of schools. Proceeds from bonds support capital improvements—not the day-to-day operating expenses of the school district.

SEC Municipal Advisor Rule Notice

The Chicago Public Schools has retained a pool of Independent Registered Municipal Advisors. Financial services firms can refer to the posted notice for additional information.

Employee Position Files

In a commitment to transparency, Chicago Public Schools has posted the District's full Employee Position File – which lists the names, job titles, departments and salaries of all full-time CPS employees.

Official statements

Official Statements are placed on the CPS website as a matter of convenience. Official Statements were prepared in connection with the original offering for sale of the obligations described therein and set forth information only as of the date of each such Official Statement.

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