Student Health and Wellness 

Minimum Health Requirements For School/Medical Compliance

Students are required to show proof of health examinations and vaccines for school entry for certain grades. To learn more about about CPS minimum health requirements, go here. As a reminder, schools must meet 90% medical compliance by October 15th of each school year.

If your family would like support in obtaining health care insurance, please contact the CPS Children and Family Benefit Unit (CFBU) for more information click here. Additionally, CPS encourages all families to build a relationship a medical home, so that students can access health care regularly.

Schools may contact a Mobile Healthcare Provider to deliver physical examinations and immunizations for students at school. Schools may access the Mobile Provider Contact List is available on the OSHW Knowledge Center page.

Medical Compliance Resources:

Minimum Health Requirements for School [English, Spanish, Polish]
Child Health Exam Certificate [health care provider fills out - English, Spanish]
Medicaid FAQ for Parents
Medical Compliance Health Care Resources [English, Spanish]
Child and Family Benefits Unit
Kindergarten Requirements [English, Spanish]




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