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Community Eligibility Option (CEO) Program at Qualifying Schools

Under the CEO Program at participating schools, all students are provided breakfast and lunch free of charge beginning on the first day of school. Adults still need to pay for meals.

The Community Eligibility Option (CEO) Program at qualifying schools, which eliminates the collection of meal applications and the Free, Reduced and Paid eligibility status of students for the purpose of food service claims, has been implemented in 252 schools this year. Only qualifying schools enrolled in CEO by Nutrition Support Services can participate in the CEO program. To view the full list of CEO schools PDF icon. click here.

Parents are required to submit the school fee waiver form, instead of the household eligibility meal application. Please click here to PDF icon. download school fee waiver form.

Breakfast in the Classroom @ Chicago Public Schools

CPS students are provided free breakfast beginning on the first day of school. Adults will still need to pay for meals.

According to the Washington, DC based national anti-hunger organization, The Food Research and Action Council (FRAC) report published in January 2012, "School Breakfast in America's Big Cities, School Year 2010-2011."

  • When children eat breakfast at school, it reduces hunger, absenteeism, tardiness and nurse visits, and improves nutrition and student achievement.
  • There is compelling evidence that school breakfast prevents obesity, while improving children's health and nutrition.
  • Research confirms that students in schools that offer school breakfast free to all children are more likely to eat a nutritionally substantive breakfast compared to students in schools with a traditional means-tested school breakfast program.

CPS has found that when breakfast is offered to students in the classroom, participation in the program increases significantly – from about 23% of students (before school) to close to 60% of students (in the classroom) eating breakfast at school, based on 2012 participation data. Given the very positive health and academic benefits of the breakfast consumption, CPS's goal is to extend these benefits to as many students as possible.

Overwhelmingly, classroom teachers in report no loss of instructional time when their students eat breakfast in the classroom. In most cases, it takes 10 minutes, from the time students get to the classroom until their breakfast things are put away. Teachers say this is investment in the rest of the day—because it helps their students become focused and ready to learn. Teachers use this time to take care of classroom administration (attendance, make classroom announcements) and others read or begin their daily lesson plans.

CPS Parent School Food Advisory Group

Chicago Public Schools Nutrition Support Services (CPS-NSS) is soliciting parent feedback regarding school food. To that end, CPS is seeking applications from parents with children currently enrolled in Chicago Public Schools who would like to be considered to participate in the new CPS Parent School Food Advisory Group. The group will provide recommendations to provide feedback and input into the school menus, as well as suggest ways to improve the healthfulness and sustainability of food served to Chicago public school students. In order to be considered to be a part of School Food Advisory Group, parents must complete the following application online: or mail a hard copy by filling out the Word document to Nadia Sulayman, 125 S. Clark Street, 16th floor, Chicago, IL 60603. For questions please contact Applications must be submitted by January 9, 2013.

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