Code of Ethics - Inquiry 

Inquiries (requests for advice) and reports of possible Code violations are reviewed by the Ethics Committee at its weekly standing meeting.

You may request advice or report a possible code violation by mail, email, or phone:

Brian Caminer
Senior Policy Advisor
Chicago Public Schools
1 N. Dearborn, Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60602
Ph: 773-553-1312 / Email:


Q. Who may contact the Ethics Advisor for advice or to report a potential Code of Ethics violation?
A. Any Official (Chicago Board of Education Member or Local School Council Member), Employee, Board Contractor, parent, or community member may contact the Ethics Advisor.

Q. Is anyone obligated to report potential Code of Ethics violations?
A. Board Officials and all supervisors are required to report potential Code violations to the Ethics Advisor.

Q. What can I expect after submitting an inquiry or reporting a violation?
A. If you have an inquiry or report, the Ethics Advisor and the Ethics Committee will collect all information necessary to provide you with appropriate advice. Investigation, meetings, conference calls, and further research may be necessary to ensure that advice is based on a proper application of our Code and the law. When submitting an inquiry or report of a potential violation, please leave ample time for an ethics review.


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