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Academic Progress

Academic Progress

Administrator Development & Retention

Improve Mentoring for Aspiring and Early Career Principals

Mentoring new school leaders can make an enormous difference in their ability to master a complex and demanding job. Every first year principal in CPS receives 50 hours of coaching from an experienced colleague. Since 2011, the Chicago Leadership Collaborative, a partnership between CPS and 10 principal preparation programs, has also provided yearlong school residencies for 290 aspiring principals. These residencies include a robust mentoring component, and the more we strengthen these mentoring experiences, the better our schools will ultimately perform. Beginning this year, we will provide ongoing training for our mentors to further hone their skills.

Expand the Independent Schools Principal Program for Experienced Leaders

Number of Principals in the Independent Schools Principal ProgramIn 2015, CPS launched a program that allowed 28 experienced, high performing principals greater flexibility to be innovative with school programs and practices through the Independent School Principals program. In 2016, another 27 principals joined this prestigious program. We believe that granting more autonomy to our top performing principals will lead to even better achievement for their students. It will also help CPS retain its best principals because many have told us that greater autonomy would encourage them to stay in the district. Our goal is to grow the Independent School Principal program from 55 principals currently to 100 by 2019.

This year for the first time, we are training 41 independent principals to evaluate and mentor each other. Principals who accepted the invitation to participate expressed enthusiasm for the chance to learn from distinguished colleagues and continue their professional growth.

Learn more about Principal Quality

On pretty much every measure you can think of, the schools have improved not only for students overall but for every demographic subgroup. In fact, just about every group in Chicago performs comparably or above its counterpart in the state.

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