Our Goals

Success Starts With ensuring all of our children have access to high quality, full-day Pre-Kindergarten proven to build a foundation for success. We will increase the number of Pre-K classrooms to ensure at least 50 percent of all classrooms are free and full day to provide better preparation for students and more options for parents.

Success Starts With keeping children in school so that they can benefit from high quality instruction. We will address chronic truancy, ensure 80 percent of our schools have the Supportive School Certification, and raise districtwide student attendance to 94 percent.

Success Starts With improving classroom instruction, school practices and providing equitable access to rigorous coursework so that all children have the chance to achieve their potential. We aim to improve the percent of elementary students meeting goals on the districtwide assessment by five percent each year in order to raise student achievement by high school and have 50 percent of CPS 11th graders meet college readiness benchmarks on the SAT by 2019.

Success Starts With preparing students well for college and careers. We will ensure that 50 percent of high school students graduate having earned at least one early college or career credential and that at least 60 percent of graduating seniors enroll in college in 2019.

Success Starts With providing high school students, especially freshmen, with the support and supervision they need to remain on-track to graduate. By 2020, we will raise the CPS five-year graduation rate to 85 percent.

By 2019
50% Pre-K Classrooms will be free and full day.

By 2019
50% 11th Grade Students will meet College Readiness SAT Benchmarks

By 2019
Graduating Seniors 60% will be Enrolled in College

By 2020
we will raise the CPS Five-Year Graduation Rate to 85%

NWEA and PARCC Goals

CPS is committed to ensuring consistency and validity with assessments for our principals, teachers, and students. As a result, we have set goals for both the NWEA and PARCC assessments given the uncertainty of the assessment landscape over the next three years.

School Year 2015-2016 to School Year 2018-2019

For the NWEA, the percent of students who will be at or above the national average in reading and math at these benchmark years are as follows:

  • Grade Reading: From 54.5% to 61%
  • 3rd Grade Math: From 54.1% to 60.6%
  • 8th Grade Reading: From 73.2% to 77%
  • 8th Grade Math: From 65.6% to 70%

For PARCC, the percentage of students who will be proficient in reading and math at these benchmark years are as follows:

  • 3rd Grade English Language Arts: From 31.4% to 40%
  • 3rd Grade Math: From 32.4% to 40%
  • 8th Grade English Language Arts: From 30.6% to 40%
  • 8th Grade Math: From 22.5% to 35%*

*Excludes 8th grade Algebra I

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