Academic Progress


Improving Curriculum & Instruction

Schools vary in their ability to provide rigor and support. As a district, we must ensure that every school has a strong curriculum, effective teaching strategies and a system for supporting every learner.


Create a Well-Designed Pre-K to 12 Curriculum To date, every CPS school has been responsible for designing its own curriculum, aligned to the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. That is a challenging task as these new standards are more rigorous than those of the past and emphasize the 21st Century skills that employers demand, such as analytic thinking, creative problem-solving and effective teamwork. While some schools have thoughtfully designed curriculum that meets these higher standards, others have asked for additional support and guidance from the district.

Rather than require each school to create its own curriculum, we will bring together our district’s most experienced educators from all subjects and grade levels to support the development of a challenging and carefully sequenced Pre-K-12 curriculum that any school may choose to adopt. Curriculum areas will include math, science, English/language arts, social science, visual and performing arts and five world languages. Well-designed classroom assessments will accompany the curriculum to help teachers better monitor student progress. The district will also provide professional development to improve teachers’ ability to engage and support students in mastering curriculum content.

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