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Acceptable Use Policy

Platform Certification

Registration of Existing Tools

The foundation is set, but the guidance is not. We need to hear from you.
The new policies provide the basic rules for conduct and detail as to acceptable or prohibited behaviors by channel. Channels include mobile devices, blast communications, email and social media. However, the policies themselves do not explicitly name the companies, products and platforms that are approved for use within each of those domains beyond ‘CPS-provided tools.’

The current approved platform list is our foundation, but there is more work to do. We understand that schools have already begun to purchase single solutions to broker staff, student, and parent communications in the absence of a CPS standard that meets their needs. The intent is to collaborate with the CPS community over the next 30-60 days to identify and vet any school-based communications platforms in use.

Our goal is to come to a full understanding of those solutions and operational requirements to:

  • Certify existing solutions meet Information Security guidelines.
    We seek to ensure that our staff and students use tools that have been definitively validated as secure and reliable. The information security audit entails an examination of the prospective partner’s technical security and process controls.
  • Provide an updated suite of CPS-approved platforms as options for schools.
    Our mandate is to ensure that schools are innovating in the best interests of our student and parent communities.

In late September, we will be conducting a districtwide audit of communication tools and social media platforms to assess their adherence to CPS safety and security guidelines. Platforms that pass the audit will be noted as approved and made available as options for use in schools. Platform certification is the start of a conversation about the appropriate use of technology to support our mission, which includes a pathway for educators to provide input into the process.



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