Chicago Public Schools Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

How to use this site

Users will be able to find documents and use interactive tools to help them better understand the proposed CPS budget for fiscal year 2015. The interactive features allow users to easily click through the budget, drilling into specific budget line details or staying at a high level overview of the District.

Users can view a number of areas of the budget including revenue and debt while also looking at every CPS school and department. Each interactive report generates graphs and charts which will make budget comparisons visual and easier to understand.

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Download your own copy of the FY15 Budget Book Summary.

CPS received the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for our FY2014 online budget site.

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 FY15 Budget

 FY15 Budget Resolution


Appendix A - Demographics

Appendix B - School Funding Formulas

Appendix C - Budget Process

Appendix D - Financial Policies

Appendix E - Glossary


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