It is the goal of the Chicago Public Schools to significantly reduce energy consumption across the district, while maintaining a healthy and productive learning environment for faculty, students and staff.


CPS has established two major energy efficiency goals that are strategically aligned with Sustainable Chicago 2015 issued by Mayor Emanuel.

  1. Reduce the Districts annual energy consumption 10% from 2012 fiscal year baseline by 2015
  2. Achieve an average District wide Energy Star rating of greater than 60

CPS Energy Policy

The PDF icon. CPS Energy Policy is designed to save resources while supporting the educational mission of the District. All operations of the District’s facilities shall be governed by the policy and participation is mandatory for all staff and students of the Chicago Public Schools.

Energy Star 

CPS has partnered with Energy Star and is currently using its Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool to evaluate the energy performance of all schools throughout the District.

Energy Shared Savings

Did you know your school can earn real dollars for reducing energy in your school? CPS schools who complete the FY14 application will be eligible for earning up to $10,000 dollars for reducing electrical and gas energy consumption by at least 5% versus their Fy13 baseline. For more information check out the resources listed below.

What can I do?

For questions or suggestions please contact Opens in a new window icon.

Click the links below to learn environmental strategies about:

Waste & Recycling

Transportation & Air



Education & Engagement

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