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The Office of Innovation and Incubation (I & I) oversees and supports 142 campuses across the District, including traditional and options charter and contract schools, Alternative Learning Opportunity Programs (ALOP), and SAFE Schools. In addition to ensuring that schools are held accountable to high expectations, I & I supports schools as a liaison with other district departments, evaluates new school proposals, and makes recommendations to the Chicago Board of Education. This office also oversees the incubation process for new district neighborhood, charter and contract schools, and identifies and shares innovative models and best practices. The Office of Innovation and Incubation’s work is aligned with NACSA’s Principles & Standards for Quality Charter School Authorizing, a set of national best practice standards for opening and sustaining high-quality schools.

I & I Key Functions

Authorization and Renewal of Schools

  • Implementation of a rigorous process, including application launch and community engagement to drive effective decision-making for the opening of new schools and renewal of existing schools
  • Evaluation of the design, development and readiness of all new, innovative school models and programs while ensuring that the District adheres to any and all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Consistent and transparent engagement with key internal and external stakeholders to develop, manage, and execute Chicago Public Schools’ new and existing school development processes
  • Incubation of new district neighborhood, charter and contract schools

Training, Support, and Communication of Outcomes

  • Dissemination of key information to charter boards, leadership, families and communities to support informed decision-making and drive outcomes
  • Coordination and implementation of communication and trainings for schools, boards, and parents to support engagement and impact change
  • Oversight of Options Schools and Programs

School Academic, Operational, and Fiscal Oversight and Accountability

  • Evaluation of school performance against the District’s academic, financial and operational expectations
  • Monitoring school adherence to any and all compliance-related provisions as defined in the Illinois School Code and contracted in the school’s agreement with the Chicago Board of Education
  • Reporting on school performance data to ensure transparency and data-driven decision-making at the District and school levels
  • Structuring of school remediation plans and monitoring progress

Innovative Models and Best Practices

  • Identification of innovative models and best practices across the charter and district educational settings
  • Broad communication to ensure that others can learn from these models and practices that create quality learning environments and efficient operations

Charter, Contract and Options School Information

Options Schools (includes ALOPs, Regional Safe School Programs, and certain charter, contract, and CPS neighborhood schools).


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