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The CPS Department of Arts Education sets the standards for an equitable and accessible arts education in all four art forms (Dance, Theatre, Music, and Visual Art) for all students across the district by consulting, training, and strategically planning with teachers, administrators, and schools.


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  • Set the Standard for arts education (visual art, music, theatre, and dance) across the district
  • Consult to identify needs and vision for teachers, students, parents, principals, and chiefs of schools
  • Direct to tools, resources, strategies, and partnerships in the arts
  • Provide quality feedback and review on arts teaching and programming

Program benefits

  • Increase student access to arts programs and opportunities
  • Encourage students to think creatively as well as critically
  • Offer a "well rounded" educational experience for CPS students
  • Improve teacher capacity through professional development workshop opportunities
  • Offer alternative arts programming through partnerships with external arts partners and teaching artists 


The Arts Education program works with many resources across the city, including:


  • Local schools that participate in All-City programs
  • Local and national funding agencies and organizations
  • Partnerships with over 300 arts organization and teaching artists


CPS Arts Education Plan: Every student, every art form, every grade, every school

The guiding principle of the CPS Arts Plan is that every CPS student will receive ongoing high quality arts education both in and out of the classroom.


Through a comprehensive and sequential study of visual art, music, dance, and theatre from pre K-12th grade, all Chicago Public School students will have the opportunity to develop into innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers who are capable of expressing themselves, understanding others and contributing to their city's culture and economy for years to come.


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Contact information

Department of Arts Education
125 South Clark Street
11th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Phone: (773) 553.2170
Fax: (773) 553.3745

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