Boys Basketball

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Our Varsity Boys Basketball Program

is home to many current champions and future NBA stars. Teams from our conference have won a state championship each year over the last four years.

There are three levels of high school basketball competition: Freshman, Sophomore, and Varsity. There are also three levels of conference play: red, blue, and green. There are 10 teams within each of the nine conferences.

Conference play

The Red division is the top division and the most competitive. Next up is the Blue division. Teams here can move up to the Red division each year if they win the Blue conference championship.

Our newest schools play in the Green division. But similar to their counterparts in Blue, they also have an opportunity to elevate themselves to the next conference level. Upon winning their conference championship, teams here can move up to the Blue conference.


All of our sophomore and varsity teams compete for the City Championship during the post-regular season city playoffs. One city champion is crowned on each level at the end of the playoffs. Varsity teams then advance to the single elimination state championship playoffs under the direction of the Illinois High School Association.

Join the team

Students interested in basketball should contact the Athletic Director at their school. Your school will be able to provide more information about eligibility and team tryouts.

Schedules and calendars

Information provided below is for Varsity Level only. Schedules & Calendars for other levels (Junior Varsity, Sophomore, Freshman) may be obtained from the Athletic Director at each school.

Boys Basketball Schedule & Ailgnment


The CPS game of the week is shown on WCIU and METV throughout the season. The latest sports news and basketball scores are also available online at the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.


For more information contact the Regional Athletic Director for boys basketball, Joel Bullock at (773) 534-0727.

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