Co-ed Chess 

Dating back 1500 years, with origins beginning in India and Afghanistan around 600 AD, Chess is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide at home, in clubs, online, in tournaments and even by correspondence. CPS boast a vibrant chess program in both its elementary and high schools, with over 90 schools having either a chess club or team, and students competing annually in City-wide and State tournaments.

In 2011, the team from Whitney Young Magnet High School took first place in the IHSA Chess Tournament, a feat no CPS high school had accomplished in more than 20 years!

Join the team

Students interested in chess should contact the Athletic Director at their school. Your school will be able to provide more information about eligibility and team tryouts.

Schedules and calendars

Information on schedules, times and locations for individual/team matches and tournaments may be obtained from the Athletic Director or Coach at each school.


The latest sports news and scores are available online at the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.


For more information contact the Regional Athletic Director for co-ed chess, Thomas Smith at (773) 534-0738.

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