Alternative Learning Opportunities Program (ALOP) 

The Alternative Learning Opportunities Program (ALOP) ensures that every student has the opportunity to graduate from high school by offering personalized re-entry options to students who have become disengaged from the school system.

Re-Enrollment Centers are located throughout the city to provide disengaged students with comprehensive educational services including assistance with school placement, referral information and counseling services.

Program Overview

ALOP’s goal is to provide educational opportunities for students not currently in traditional high school. ALOP uses a four-tier program to ensure the success of its students.

  • Student success plan: ALOP students develop a success plan with their teachers to identifyindividual educational goals and objectives.
  • Collaboration: Consistent and individualattention from ALOP staff helps keep studentsengaged and on-track to graduate.
  • Community involvement: ALOP works diligently to restore and maintain community partnerships that provide resourceful information for students and their parents.
  • Student advancement: Special attention on math and reading improves student achievement scores and ensures a solid basis in core subject areas.


ALOP is open to students between the ages of 17 and 21 who have left the school system and wish to re-enroll. Students can enroll by visiting a Re-Enrollment Center or upon referral through Graduation Pathways, a counselor, teacher or community agency.

ALOP Re-Enrollment Centers

Our Re-Enrollment Centers are located throughout the city. Interested parents and students are encouraged to stop by one of our locations listed below and speak to an ALOP representative.

ALOP Re-Enrollment Center locations:

Banner South
2330 E. 99th Street
Chicago, IL 60617

Banner West
6114 W. North Avenue
Chicago, IL 60639

Pathways to Education
3270 W. 87th Street
Chicago, IL 60652


To learn more, contact Department of Innovation and Incubation at (773) 553-1530.


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