How To Address Concerns: The Dispute Process 

Note: It is recommended that parents start with the informal dispute process first, as most, if not all, issues can be resolved at this level. However, parents have the right to select and proceed with any of the formal complaint options at anytime.


Step 1- Request IEP Meeting
  • Requested when there are any concerns
  • Can be requested at anytime
  • School must respond within 10 calendar days (includes holidays and weekends)
Step 2- Request an informal meeting with School Administration
  • Alert school administration of any concerns
  • Many concerns can be resolved at this level)
  • Meeting can take place with Principal and/or Assistant Principal
Step 3-Request an informal meeting with School Administration and Management Support Director (MSD) or Specialized Services Administrator (SSA)
  • MSD or SSA can serve as impartial parties to resolve disputes between parents and school



Formal Complaint to Central Office (CO) or OSS
  • Immediate investigation
  • CO staff can facilitate one of the informal meetings above or IEP meeting
Formal Mediation
  • Voluntary process
  • Can take place within 5-30 days
  • ISBE appoints mediator
  • Dependent on schedule
Formal ISBE Complaint
  • Investigation conducted by ISBE
  • Issue must be no ore than 1 yr old
  • May take 60 days before ISBE issues a decision of findings
Formal Due Process Request
  • ISBE appoints hearing officer
  • Issue must be no more that 2yrs old
  • Resolution meeting held w/in 15 days of filing hearing
  • Stay-put Option
  • May take up to 75 days to reach hearing decision

To learn more about the various Formal Complaint options, click on any of the titles above.

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