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Attendance at school is considered to be a typical daily activity for children and adolescents; however, this standard activity may be interrupted when a student is hospitalized or too sick to attend school on a regular basis.

Our Home and Hospital Instruction Program (HHIP) provides access to continuous instruction, by a certified teacher, to all students whose academic programs are interrupted for 10 or more consecutive or intermittent school days due to a medical or psychiatric condition.

Initial eligibility and the need for ongoing services must be documented by a licensed physician. The program is focused on keeping students in academic and instructional contact with the attendance school thus facilitating seamless reintegration back to school. Each year about 4,000 students participate in the Home and Hospital Instruction Program.


  • Provide seamless uninterrupted instruction to all students with medical or psychiatric conditions necessitating instructional teaching in the home, hospital or at a treatment center.
  • Ongoing observation and mentoring of certified teaching staff
  • Professional development to schools, hospital and treatment center teachers
  • Identification and implementation of best practices and effective strategies to meet individual student needs
  • Assist teachers in implementing differentiated instruction to students with disabilities as well as general education students in the home, hospital and treatment centers


  • Students can maintain academic progress, recover and earn credits
  • Ongoing student and family connection to school while receiving home, hospital and/or treatment center instruction
  • Students receive school attendance credit (1/2 day) for each homebound instructional session
  • Schools receive support from staff knowledgeable in best practices, documented instructional strategies and recent research relative to the needs of all students


HHIP enables the student to participate in academic and social activities related to school.

  • Approximately 15 teachers provide teaching instruction at 15 hospitals and treatment centers in Chicago.
  • Approximately 350-400 teachers provide daily homebound instruction
  • Teachers who provide instruction in the home, hospital or treatment centers have access to technology (including individual laptop computers) enabling them to access school and educational websites.

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