(B) Students with Disabilities have IEPs that Support Access 

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Implementation Keys

Important Questions

Tools and Resources

Uses available positions to help support the IEP process

  • Is a knowledgeable case manager in place to support the IEP development process?
  • Does each member of the IEP team understand his/her role in the development and implementation of IEPs?
  • Does the school have a system to ensure quality IEPs are drafted in advance of the meeting?

1. OSES 2010-2011 Procedural Manual (Pending Release)


2. OSES Training: Case Management 101, eIEP / SSM, IEP Overview

Develops IEPS that Support Access

  • Is staff trained on the eIEP?
  • Are IEPs written to support student participation in the core curriculum to the maximum extent possible?
  • Do IEPs consider supports/services to appropriately transition student to a less restrictive environment?
  • Are special education staff treated as members of the teaching community?

3. SSM Help Guides and Training Modules


4.OSES Abbreviated IEP Review Tool PDF icon. and Rubric PDF icon.


5. OSES 2010-2011 Procedural Manual (Pending Release)


6. OSES Trainings: eIEP / SSM, IEP Overview , IEP Development - General Considerations, PLAAFP, Goal Writing, FBA/BIP

Ensures implementation of IEPs

  • Does staff have relevant portions of the IEP?
  • Does staff understand their role in implementing the IEP?
  • Is there a system in place to track to ensure IEPs are being implemented?

7.IEP Implementation Checklist PDF icon.



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