Personnel To Address Concerns 

Below are a list of CPS personnel who can provide assistance when parents have concerns about their child’s IEP. It is always best to start at the school level when addressing concerns.

Teacher or Related Service Provider (e.g. Social Worker, Speech Pathologist, etc.)
Person(s) responsible for providing instruction or services as outlined in the IEP

School Case Manager
Person responsible for overseeing the caseload of IEPs for students with disabilities within the school

School Principal
Instructional leader of the school


Area Management Support Director (MSD)
Provides support to schools on various issues, including discipline and behavior

Specialized Services Administrator (SSA)
Represents the Office of Specialized Services in the school building

Central Office / Office of Specialized Services
Coordinates policy and decision making for all students with disabilities

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)
Government department that oversees all public schools within the state of Illinois

Click on Specialized Services Administrator (SSA) to find out which SSA supports your child’s school.

Click on Illinois State Board of Education to learn more about ISBE.

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