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Supports for Teachers

The core work of our District lives in our schools, in our classrooms, in our teachers' ambitious instruction. All teachers are supported by a common vision for effectiveness, yet resources and professional development are tailored based on each school's unique needs. To support learning, the District and its partners provide ongoing professional development and guide teachers toward high-quality resources.

In addition to establishing a common de­finition and standards for teaching excellence, REACH Students helps teachers to reflect on and assess their own performance. Upon completion of an Evaluation Plan, educators receive a report that includes results for both Professional Practice and Student Growth. Both measures are then combined to provide an overall REACH Students Rating.

Teachers and principals use these reports to identify the areas where teaching is strong and to prioritize professional development in the areas where teaching can improve. REACH Students facilitates a cycle in which educators work in teams to improve student outcomes.

Are you a CPS teacher? Take a look at these resources:

The Knowledge Center is a District resource for both teachers and administrators. Teachers can find valuable information regarding the Common Core State Standards, CPS Frameworks, Assessments and REACH Students.

The Knowledge Center also houses resources like unit plans, lesson plans, curriculum maps and planning guides that are tied to specific subjects. Teachers can also access the CPS Framework for Teaching Resource Database, where they can browse resources and videos made for CPS teachers, by CPS teachers. The resources and videos show examples of strong professional practice aligned to the CPS Framework for Teaching.

In addition to the Resource Database, Weekly Updates are housed on The Knowledge Center, and teachers have access to archived issues. In the Weekly Update, the CPS Office of Professional Learning alerts teachers and administrators of their professional development opportunities. Teachers are able to select courses based on their needs as identifi­ed through REACH Students observations. Use your CPS username and password to sign into The Knowledge Center.

The Quest Center was launched with the assistance of a generous grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The CTU Quest Center is instrumental in supporting teachers and paraprofessionals in their development as educators. Experienced Quest Center staff facilitate research-based, job-embedded, meaningful professional development that has the potential to grow student achievement.

Examples of the types of learning sessions that the Quest Center offers include study groups on the specific domains and components of the CPS Framework for Teaching and Common Core State Standards alignment. Additionally, the Quest Center offers courses on close reading and effective classroom management.

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