Tips on How to Select a School 

Use these tips and do other research beforehand. We also encourage you to talk with school principals and staff, parents, and friends before making a decision about a school.


What are the school's average test scores? Are enrichment and gifted programs offered? How many students are on track to graduate? How many students actually graduate? How does the school prepare students for college and how many students go on to attend college?

Comfort and Safety
Do you feel comfortable walking into the school? What are the security policies and practices? How does the school handle safety issues?

Communication and Community Involvement
How are parents involved in the school? How does the school communicate with parents? How are local businesses and/or community organizations involved with the school?

What's the classroom environment like? Does the atmosphere seem competitive? Nurturing? Do students appear to be involved with their schoolwork? How large are the classes?

Respect and Discipline
How do teachers treat students? What are the standards for student behavior? How does the school handle discipline?

How is technology incorporated into teaching and learning? Are there other special resources at the school?


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