Going Around the World with Google 

CPS students pilot Google Expeditions

June 15, 2015

Field trips to China are rare, but at Azuela Elementary, students toured the Great Wall and calculated the distance from one tower to the next, all with the help of Google Expeditions.

These students were one of only eight classes in the world to pilot this new virtual reality toolkit, testing the product and offering feedback before being featured in a video announcing Google Expeditions.  

As the second largest Google Apps for Education user in the world, CPS is given access to new products and apps in their pilot stages – resources that can enrich and broaden the experience of District students. 

“This app not only opens up the world, but can also open up the community for students who haven’t had the opportunity to leave the boundaries of their neighborhoods,” said Margaret Hahn, IT Training Manager for CPS. 

Teachers around the world agree that Google Expeditions is far more engaging to students than articles, videos, or even simpler apps. The product is currently available online, but Google is working to create kits that will include devices and curriculum guides for the classroom. 

Learn more about Google Expeditions, as well as other exciting apps, devices and teaching strategies at this year’s Googlepalooza, to be held at Lindblom Math & Science Academy. To register, visit cps.edu/googlepalooza

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