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Building Access During Remote Learning

In certain situations, during remote learning, parents, students, staff, vendors or visitors may need to access their school building to submit documentation, pick up technology devices, complete processes or participate in sports. All building entrants must agree to abide by the following protocols:

  • Complete required health screening before or upon entry to the building
  • Complete a no-touch temperature scan
  • Wear face coverings or other required personal protective equipment
  • Follow social distancing and space limitation requirements

All school visitors must abide by their principal's schedule for building entry - no unscheduled drop-ins will be permitted. If you are not sure of what time to come to your school, contact them before coming.

In addition, at least one parent/guardian must provide updated contact information to the school and a signed release form, if applicable giving permission for the student to participate in the activity.

Health Screener

The daily health screener will be accessible via, effective September 8, and must be completed before arriving at the building. Please make sure to complete this step before arriving to prevent bottlenecks and lines at entrances. If you have failed the screener, you will be asked to leave. In the event that you are absolutely unable to complete the health screener prior to arrival, please let the front desk know so they can inform you of the steps to complete it on site.

Temperature Check

Upon entry, once it is confirmed that you have passed the health screener, you will need to complete a temperature check. All individuals must have a temperature below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit to pass. Anyone with a higher temperature or that is displaying symptoms will be sent home. If the health screener is not completed in advance of arrival, it can be completed on site.

Data Privacy

To ensure the privacy of each person’s data, no precise temperature or specific answers to individual questions on the symptom screener will be recorded in the system. All results will be logged generically as “above” or “below” threshold. The results of both the screener and temperature check once entered result in a “pass” or “fail”. Reviewers will not have access to original data but only the pass/fail results.

*Specific temperatures will only be recorded in the system in the case that a second reading is completed and the temperature is “above” the threshold.