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Remote Learning

Summer Learning Resources

Keeping your child engaged over the summer is critical to ensuring he or she continues learning and is prepared for the next school year. We are fortunate to have community partners and educators from across the city working to ensure your child has access to free and fun online enrichment learning opportunities all summer long.

Community Resources

Resource Description
Virtual Summer Camps Send your students to camp anytime from anywhere with these virtual summer camp offerings that will keep students engaged with peers and camp counselors through curiosity-driven activities. 
Chicago Public Library Summer Learning Challenge Kids ages 0 to 13 can read, discover, and create this summer as they explore science and art in the architecture all around us through this Summer Learning Challenge.
Art Institute Virtual Visit Explore galleries and go behind-the-scenes of the Chicago Art Institute from home!
Museum of Science and Industry: Science at Home Create your own science experiments and visit the Museum of Science and Industry online.
Field Museum: Learning at Home Take a virtual tour of the Field Museum.
Chicago Children’s Museum: Recipes for Play at Home Access hands-on activities made for the whole family.

You can also access free, engaging online learning tools curated by CPS educators.

Targeted Enrichment Resources

Resource Available Languages
Literacy English, Spanish
STEM English
Computer Science English
Physical Education and Health English, Spanish
Early Childhood English
Arts English
Language Learners English, Spanish
CPS Elementary eBooks English, Spanish
CPS High School eBooks English, Spanish

Enrichment packets for students transitioning from Pre-K to kindergarten as well as kindergarten to first grade will be posted on an ongoing basis at under the Families Remote Learning Resources page.

Remote Learning Tips

Please consider the following remote learning tips:

  • Create a daily routine so your child always knows and expects when it will be time to focus on learning.
  • Help your child set goals for learning and growing every day by asking questions:
    • What do you plan to work on today?
    • What will you do if you get stuck?
    • How can I support you?
  • Determine when your child is best able to focus, such as first thing in the morning or in the afternoon, and structure remote learning around those times.
  • Ensure your child is receiving plenty of sleep and is well-rested when they begin their learning.
  • Monitor your child when they are working online to ensure they are actively engaged and learning.
  • Provide your child with frequent encouragement and reminders as needed.
  • Find the best workspace for your child, such as sitting in their favorite spot on the couch or standing at the kitchen table.
  • Allow your child to take breaks every 30–60 minutes, or whenever they need one.
  • Once your child is done working for the day, ask them to reflect with the following questions:
    • What did you learn today?
    • What did you accomplish today?
    • What did you find challenging today?
  • Be patient and flexible with yourself and your child. Focus on ensuring that your child is growing, learning, and feels connected to their school community.

See below for more helpful resources.

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Remote Learning Resources

Remote Learning Grading Guide pdf image

Remote Learning Grading Guide

[ English  |  Arabic  |  Chinese  |  Polish  |  Spanish  |  Urdu ]

CPS Remote Learning Plan pdf image

CPS Remote Learning Plan

[ English  |  Arabic  |  Chinese  |  Polish  |  Spanish  |  Urdu ]

Special Education Guidance to Remote Learning Procedures, Standards & Instructional Quality pdf image

Special Education Guidance to Remote Learning Procedures, Standards & Instructional Quality

[ English  |  Arabic  |  Chinese  |  Polish  |  Spanish  |  Urdu ]

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