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Grades 3-5

Unique considerations for Grades 3 – 5

In grades 3-5, students are growing in their independence and will not need as much family/caregiver support to navigate the technology platforms once they have been introduced by the teacher. However, we will still consider how families/caregivers are utilized as a partner in remote learning. Though students will be able to navigate the learning management systems more fluidly, they will still need adult support with executive functioning to organize their days and for time-management. 

Schools will make sure they are engaging and supporting families from the start to understand the virtual classroom structures, suggested schedules and daily routines.  Instruction at this age should continue to support a balance of teacher directed and student practice. Each part of the day should embed social-emotional guidance, classroom management strategies and student support strategies in anticipation of supporting students with technology and e-learning materials.

A Day in the Life of a CPS Elementary Student

  • Cartoon of a young student reading a book while sitting a table

    Real time virtual instruction

    An elementary student's day remote learning would mirror a day learning at school. It would include a mix of real-time instruction with their teacher and classmates, small group activities, and independent learning time within each of their classes. All CPS students will receive several hours of live instruction each and every day.

  • Cartoon of a young student thinking about math while sitting at a table

    Lunch and breaks throughout the day

    Elementary school students will have independent time for lunch as well as short breaks during the school day.

  • Cartoon of a young student reading with their mother

    Academic electives and enrichment

    Much like a normal school, students will also have self-directed time for electives, academic enrichment, and special classes such as arts and physical education in addition to real-time instruction.