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Pre-K Remote

Remote Learning

At this age, students learn best through authentic interactions and experiences. Preschoolers need opportunities to interact with people and the world around them. Remote instruction should take this into account through a combination of teacher and student directed learning activities for 60 live and 90 asynchronous minutes daily, as well as through home-based learning activities. We will focus on taking a strength-based approach that allows for joyful, hands-on and engaged learning.

  • Cartoon of a mother and child using a tablet computer

    1. Real time virtual instruction

    A Pre-K student could start their day by meeting with their classmates and teacher through a real-time virtual classroom activity.

  • Cartoon of a child playing with blocks and toys

    2. Group Lessons

    A Pre-K student will participate in real-time instruction in a smaller group session.

  • Cartoon of a mother playing a guitar while her child plays the drums

    3. Independent learning activities for families

    Pre-K families will be offered self-directed activities, skills lessons, and gross motor practice exercises to help their child during remote learning.

Sample Schedule

At-home learning (For families who opt out of in-person learning

Virtual learning

60 minutes of real-time instruction and 90 minutes of independent learning activities per day