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Pre-K In-Person

Currently all CPS school children are learning from home under the remote learning model. However, the district is preparing for safe processes to return these and other students to school when elected and public health officials deem it appropriate. Below you will find helpful illustrations of what a typical school day would look like in person. 

A Day In The Life

Given the health and safety challenges associated with reopening school during a global pandemic, students, staff, and families must be prepared for school to look and feel different next year. Although these changes may feel difficult at first, we believe they are both prudent and necessary to support the safety of our students and staff. Pre-K students will have 5 in-person instructional days a week, and this is what they can expect their day to look and feel like:

  • Cartoon of a child wearing a face mask

    1. Getting ready for school

    Students will complete their required sick screen protocol at home. Students will bring their clean cloth face covering with them.

  • school bus image

    2. Traveling on the school bus

    Students wear cloth face coverings while on the school bus. School bus aides will wear appropriate PPE and offer students hand sanitizer prior to boarding the bus. Students will sit by themselves or only with their sibling and be spaced to ensure proper social distancing.

  • school building image

    3. Arrival at school

    Drop-off times may be staggered, and students will enter the school building through assigned entrances alongside their pods in order to ensure proper social distancing. Upon entering the school building, students will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

  • image of students entering

    4. Entering the classroom

    Students will go straight to their classrooms.  Students eat meals in their room, and stay with their pod for the full school day.

  • Image of teacher with mask

    5. Following classroom procedures

    Classrooms will meet CPS standards for student safety: including use of masks (and PPE) and required social distancing in and outside of the classroom.

  • hand washing image

    6. Restroom/Lunch Breaks

    Pods will have designated bathrooms which will be cleaned frequently throughout the day. Students will need to wash their hands thoroughly and use hand sanitizer anytime they return to their classroom space.

    Students will eat lunch in their classrooms, or if space allows, eat lunch in the cafeteria on a staggered schedule. Lunchrooms will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between use.

  • image of masked teacher

    7. Receiving student services

    Related service providers, English learner teachers, diverse learner teachers, and social emotional learning specialists, among others, will continue to provide student services.

    These staff members will rotate across assigned pods to provide services. If they need to see students in a pod not assigned to them, those services will be provided remotely, or with social distancing. Staff will have appropriate PPE depending on their job duties.

  • building blocks image

    8. Accessing Content

    Students remain in their pod throughout the day, but additional teachers may rotate across a few pods to provide instruction across multiple subjects and breaks for classroom teachers.

  • social distance image

    9. Exiting the building

    Students move through hallways within their pods and are socially distanced from  all other pods.

    Students leave the building through the door assigned to their pod.

    Addressing Symptoms

    If a student arrives exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, or begins to exhibit symptoms during the day, they will be moved to the school's designated Care Room to wait until they are picked up. 



Pre-k in-person learning (In-person class size is up to 15 students)

Full-day programs

7 hours per day, 5 days per week

Half-day programs

2.5-3 hours per day, 5 days per week

*Please note, third shift programs will remain virtual

Tuition-based programs

10 hours per day, 5 days per week


Download and display this ‘Day in the Life’ poster for Pre-K students.

'Day in the Life of  a CPS Student' Poster Image