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In-person students will participate in specials such as art, music, and physical education. Educators who teach these specials will be scheduled to interact with a maximum of ten pods. Depending on in-person student enrollment and the number of educators teaching specials at a school, it may be possible for teachers to maintain their current schedule. If that is not possible, schools will schedule specials into five-week blocks or by quarter, so educators work with the same set of ten pods five days a week for a period of time, and then shift to a second set of pods for the next period of time.

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    Arts instructors will likely visit classroom pods to minimize the number of students transitioning in the hallways and sharing classroom spaces. Between classes, instructors will clean and sanitize materials and wash their hands.

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    Music Education

    All schools will adhere to the Illinois State Board of Education's Interim Music Guidance for safely engaging students in in-person music education. Staff will follow the National Association for Music Education’s COVID-19 Instrument Cleaning Guidelines to clean and sterilize instruments between uses.

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    Physical Education

    Schools will engage students in mild- to low-intensity physical activity while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.

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    Teachers will ensure each student wears a mask and has approximately 60 square feet of space during class to ensure social distancing. Classes will not include dancing that involves contact.

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    Students will social distance and place used books in bins marked for sanitizing after use.