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Child Learning Hubs

We understand that some of our families need immediate assistance with child supervision during remote learning. We are offering Child Learning Hubs from 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday. These are sites hosted by either CPS or community-based organizations where a limited number of students are able to attend remote classes while being supervised by an adult in a safe environment.

Please note that the classroom supervisors are not teachers and will not be able to offer your child with academic support.

Child Learning Hub Locations

Region School/Community Based Organization Name
Englewood Parker
Far North

Mather High School

Far Southwest

Fenger High School

Lawndale Mason
Little Village Rauner YMCA
Northwest Schubert
Pilsen Union League Boys & Girls Clubs - Club One
South Wadsworth
South Deering Bright

Back of the Yards High School

South Loop

It Takes A Village


Clark High School

Woodlawn South Side YMCA

How to Enroll My Child

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a Child Learning Hub, please complete this survey.

Complete the Survey

  • Please note that completing the survey does not mean your child is enrolled. Child Learning Hubs are opened and filled on a rolling basis, and we will contact you by email when a seat is available.
  • If you need help completing the survey, registration form, or finding your child’s student ID number, please contact for assistance.
  • If we invited you to enroll but you are unable to get your child to the assigned Hub, please let us know at
  • If you are not currently enrolled in a Child Learning Hub and looking for child care resources, please check additional resources listed on the My Chi. My Future webpage.


The Child Learning Hubs are available for *PreK-8 students enrolled in CPS schools, and priority for placement will be given to:

  • Families living in high-need communities according to UIC’s Hardship Index
  • Students living in temporary housing
  • Children of essential workers

*It Takes A Village (a DCFS Licensed Partner) is the only site that serves students PK - 8.

Families who choose to register their students at our DCFS-licensed partner locations will be required to provide on the first day of attendance:

  • Student birth certificate
  • State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination
  • Enrollment documentation specific to the provider

Frequently Asked Questions