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Technology Devices

Students can use most technology devices that can connect to the Internet to access CPS remote learning materials and participate in classroom activities.

Types of Devices

The most commonly used student technology devices are: 

  • Tablets: Google Chromebooks, Apple iPad
  • Computers: Windows Laptops, Apple MacBooks
  • Smart Phones: Apple iPhones, Android Smartphones

Once on a device, Chrome and Safari web browsers are recommended for accessing CPS web resources.

Getting a Device

  1. Current CPS Issued Device: If you had already received a CPS issues technology device, please hold on to it and use it. Students should only return devices if they are transferring or graduating to a new school (grades 8-9), graduating from high school or otherwise leaving the district.
  2. New CPS Issued Device: CPS is issuing hundreds of thousands of technology devices to students that need them. If you do not have a technology device to use for remote learning, contact your school to inquire about getting access to one. 
  3. Personal Device: Families can use personal technology devices they already have access to, or purchase devices from any local or online technology retailer.

Get A Device

Using a Device

For students who have received a CPS-issued device, please refer to the following guidance to get started:

*CPS does not issue MacBooks or smart phones as student technology devices. Please consult the manufacturer or service provider for details on how to use these devices.

Tech Support 

  • Remote Learning Days: If you are learning remotely and experiencing issues with a CPS-issued device, you can receive support through the Family Tech Support portal or by calling the Help Desk at 773-417-1060.

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Bridging the Digital Divide A Device For Every Student Who Needs One

In response to COVID-19, CPS has provided over 200,000 devices to students to ensure every child can access instruction and continue to thrive while learning at home.