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Grade Requirements and FAQs

To participate in high school athletic activities at Chicago Public Schools, including practice and competitions, students must be eligible based on their past semester standing as well as their present semester record.

Incoming freshmen are considered eligible for interscholastic sports for their first semester of enrollment in high school.

For second semester freshmen and all other classes, eligibility is based on past semester grades and weekly grade checks for the current semester.

  • Students must have passed 2.5 credit hours (which many times translates into 5 classes) in the previous semester and maintain a cumulative 2.0 Grade Point Average. Credits earned during summer school can be combined with the spring semester grades.
  • Whereas most CPS students are enrolled in 6 or 7 classes, students must be enrolled in at least 2.5 credit hours (5 classes) and must have a passing grade in each of the classes to which they are enrolled.

Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)