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Agenda for Board Meetings

Section 2-17

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  1. Generally. This Rule governs the process by which Board Meeting agendas are set.
  2. Purpose. To establish uniform standards for agenda-setting and create structure for agendas in order for the Board to make efficient and effective use of the time at Board Meetings.
  3. Creating the Agenda. The Board President shall establish the agenda for each Board Meeting.
    1. The Board President shall use the following process to establish which items of business (resolutions and reports) to include on the agenda.
      1. The Board President shall include on the agenda all items of business that are proposed by:
        1. the Chief Executive Officer;
        2. the Chief Education Officer;
        3. the Chief Financial Officer;
        4. the Chief Operating Officer;
        5. the Chief Procurement Officer;
        6. the General Counsel;
        7. the President of the Board; or
        8. any Committee of the Board.
      2. At any time, the Board President may add any other item of business to the Agenda, if the Board President determines, in their discretion, that the item is either time-sensitive or otherwise involves an emergency.
      3. The Board President shall determine which items of business shall be considered in the Closed Session of the Board Meeting, according to applicable law.
    2. At each Board Meeting, the Board President may, in their discretion, limit board member participation on any item of business that the Board President has not included on the agenda.
    3. Any Board Member may propose an item of business (a resolution or report) for adoption by the Board. The process shall be consistent with the following requirements:
      1. The Board Member shall submit the item of business to the Board President in writing; and
      2. The Board Member shall submit the item of business to the Board President at least twenty-one (21) calendar days in advance of the Regular Board Meeting, to permit appropriate review and comment by the General Counsel,
      3. The Board Member shall submit no more than one (1) item of business per Board Meeting; and
      4. The Board President will place the item of business on the agenda for initial consideration by the full Board; and
      5. If a majority of the Board votes in favor of the business item, the business item shall be assigned to an appropriate committee by the Board President; and
      6. Once the Board sends an item of business to a Committee, the Committee considers that item of business like any other matter before that Committee.
      7. Any item of business approved for consideration at a future Board meeting shall be laid over for no more than three (3) consecutive meetings pursuant to Board Rule 2-5.

Rule References

Cross References Board Rule 2-17 was adopted as a new Section at the April 26, 2023 Board Meeting [Board Report 23-0426-RU1].
Public Comment Pursuant to Board Rule 2-6 this Rule [2-17] was subject to Public Comment from 3/17/23-4/17/23 and adopted at the April 26, 2023 Board Meeting [Board Report 23-0426-RU1].

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