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Proposed Policies or Rule Changes Open for Public Comment

The Chicago Board of Education values community input and is committed to listening and reflecting on public comments regarding proposed policies or rule changes. Community members have 30 calendar days to review and provide feedback on proposed policy or rule changes.

  • All comments will be reviewed prior to being posted publicly on the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) website.
  • Please allow three to five business days for submitted comments to be reviewed and posted.
  • Do not include any personally identifiable information in the text of your comment if you do not want it publicly available (e.g., name, address, and phone number).
  • CPS reserves the right to review and redact comments it deems offensive or inappropriate. Comments will be redacted if they include defamatory statements; vulgar or threatening language; or confidential information about students, employees, or others. For additional information on the Board’s public comment process, please review our frequently asked questions.






Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in public comments do not represent the official position of Chicago Public Schools or the Chicago Board of Education.