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Order of Business; Quorum

Section 2-4

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At each meeting of the Board of Education, the President shall take the chair at the time appointed for the meeting and shall call the same to order. The Secretary shall immediately call the roll of members. If no quorum be present, the Board of Education shall not stand adjourned thereby, but the member or members present may adjourn to a subsequent date by a majority vote of those present. Provided a quorum of Board members is physically present for a meeting, a Board member may participate by video or audio conference if he or she is prevented from physically attending because of: (i) personal illness or disability; (ii) personal employment purposes; (iii) business obligations of the Board; (iv) a family or other emergency; or (v) such other reasons authorized under Section 7 of the Open Meetings Act (5/ILCS 120/7). A Board member who attends a meeting by audio or video means, as provided herein, may participate in all aspects of the Board meeting including voting on any item. If a member wishes to attend a meeting by video or audio conference, the member shall notify the Secretary before the meeting unless advance notice is impractical. The Secretary shall indicate in the meeting minutes whether the members of the Board were physically present for the meeting or present by means of video or audio conference.

A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of a majority of the full membership of the Board of Education then serving. When a quorum is physically present, the order of business shall be as noted in the agenda published for the particular meeting.

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