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Attorney's Appearance in Legal Proceedings

Section 3-5

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The General Counsel shall appear for and protect the rights and interests of the Board of Education in all cases, suits, and proceedings brought by or against the Board of Education. The General Counsel also shall take all actions necessary to fulfill the Board’s obligations pursuant to Section 105 ILCS 5/34-18.1 of the School Code. If a current or former member, officer or employee of the Board is required to appear in any matter or defend against or respond to any claim, in their individual or official capacity, the General Counsel may elect to represent such person, appoint outside counsel to represent such person or approve reimbursement of reasonable legal expenses and costs provided that the person was acting in the scope of the person's office or employment during the events giving rise to the matter or claim. No Board funds shall be expended for payment of legal services rendered on behalf of any person in the event the person is identified as the target of a criminal investigation or upon the charge of such person by criminal complaint, information or indictment in criminal proceedings. Upon the conclusion of the criminal investigation or proceedings in which the person was a target or defendant, however, such person may request reimbursement of reasonable legal expenses and costs if such person has not been charged or has been acquitted or found not guilty or if all charges against such person in the action have been dismissed. All requests for reimbursement are subject to approval of the General Counsel and the Board.

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