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State Chapter 1 Expenditure Guidelines

Section 401.5 | Board Report 96-0124-PO3 | Date Adopted January 24, 1996

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In order to more efficiently utilize available State Chapter 1 funds, a task force was convened in August 1995 to review and revise existing guidelines for the expenditures of State Chapter I funds, at qualifying schools. These guidelines are summarized under six categories.

Program Narratives

Supplementary and discretionary funds, at qualifying schools, are being used according to the following programs and options available under the six categories, as approved by the Illinois State Board of Education.


There are six program categories in the State Chapter 1 Design — Category I, Early Childhood; Category II, Reduced Class Size; Category II, Enrichment; Category IV, Improvement of Attendance; Category V, Remedial/Supportive Education; and Category VI, Other Educationally Beneficial Programs.

The following is an explanation of the codes for the column titled "Other Expenditures," which will be used to complete the description of a supplementary program: E = Equipment; M - Maintenance Agreement; IM = Instructional Materials; S = Supplies; F = Buses for Field Trips within Chicago's City limits only; A = Admission Fees; P = Parent Stipends; C = Consultant Services; SS = Substitute Services; T = Travel (Object 5500) for trips beyond Chicago's City limited for students, parents or teachers. NOTE: If consultant services (Object 5410); travel (Object 5500) or retreats are included, please use the "Consultant Services Procedures" (Appendix A), "Travel Procedures" (Appendix B), "Retreat Procedures" (Appendix C) forms when processing board reports for implementation of any of these services/activities. The Chicago Board of Education policy regarding indebtedness (Board Report 95-0726-EX3), which governs hiring and contracting and the Ethics Policy (95-0927-RU3) must be complied with prior to hiring anyone for this activity.

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Amends/Rescinds Amends 95-1220-PO3
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